Master Moves Review

Master Moves Mickey is a Mickey Mouse toy which plays music and break-dances.  It’s fairly big, comes in a big box and has one of the most recognisable faces on the planet.  In other words, when you see this toy on the shelf, your expectations are going to be pretty high.

The first time we squeezed Mickey’s nose, just his arms clunked to life and Elwood looked quite alarmed.  The second time he ran to his Mum and hugged into her.  Then, foolishly thinking I could turn the situation around, I made a big song and dance about how much fun Mickey was and pressed his nose a third time.  Elwood burst in to tears until we took the toy away.

A few days later I thought that maybe he had just been in the wrong frame of mind and so I tried one last time to show Mickey to Elwood.  But again he looked quite alarmed and so I decided not to pursue it any more.

That said, Master Moves Mickey does have a lot to offer an older child.  Mickey’s moves are pretty cool (if a little robotic).  He has fun phrases that he uses if he falls over and he does encourage your child to dance along.  He’s certainly a unique toy.

The packaging for this toy allows you to see some limited functionality of the toy (squeeze Mickey’s nose and he’ll speak and clap his hands) so you could show him to your child to assess their reaction before making a purchase.  Of course, if this is intended as a surprise gift, that may not be possible.  If other kids react the same way as Elwood did to Master Moves Mickey, there may be trouble ahead for this line of toys.

…but, while there’s moonlight and music and love and romance, he’ll face the music and dance.

Master Moves Mickey is available from Toys R Us

Review by James Spence

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