Mam Feeding Products Review

I was recently made a member of the fabulous Babyologist team! Which as a new blogger to the block makes me very proud to be a part of. I have been sent out my first set of products to review and share with you. I’ve been sent a wonderful selection of MAM products including a Learn to Brush Set, Feeding bowl & Plate and also a Snack box. All of which will be very useful for my every growing, out & about, toothypeg wielding 11 month old.

Miss Belle cut her first two teeth just last month, so having a chance to use Mam’s Learn to brush set was lots of fun for her. We got sent a lovely green one but they are also available in pink & blue. The first thing I noticed about the toothbrush, was the curious white clip that came in the packet. I soon learned that this was a guard to clip onto the toothbrush to help keep it at a safe distance whilst they are learning to brush there own little teeth. It needs a good push to clip on, so there is zero chance of your little one pulling it off themselves.


I love the extra long handle on the first step toothbrush as it makes for a less fussy baby/toddler when we can both comfortably hold the brush. I know she is being careful as I have control and Miss Belle ‘thinks’ she’s in control because she has hold of it too. The ergonomic handle makes it perfect for little hands. The smiles I get from her as she holds the brush with me is so lovely.


The opposite end of the first step brush is also perfect for sore gums to have a good chew on. Miss Belle is trying to cut her top teeth at the moment, so she happily slobbers over this after she brushes her bottom pearly whites.


Next I have to share with you is this adorable little MAM Snack box. Now as a family thats pretty much also on the go, this is perfect. The cute little lid provides the box with a ring that prevents food from easily falling out. Another thing I love about this little product is that the lid, clicks onto the underside! Super handy, very durable and its now something that comes out with us everyday! We got a lovely green one, but again like the brush set, they are available in pink and blue.


MAM9Finally I have for you this lovely little baby’s bowl and plate set. Miss Belle has always been a fan of BLW but when plates and bowls are given to her well…she just lifts them, the food falls off and she inspects the plate {or bowl} like its some foreign object. She attempts to eat it, fails then just casts it aside as she gently lifts up her food from her high chair tray. Using plates/bowls have been a challenge and 9 times out of ten a complete waste of time, but she {so far} seems to be OK with these ones.

MAM 10

The plate keeps the baby bowl firmly in place and prevents it from being tipped over easily, which is something Miss Belle finds fun to do! The plate also has a non-slip bottom which comes in very handy too! For your peace of mind too, all MAM products are made of BPA free materials.

The Learn to Brush set will cost you £6.49, the MAM snack box will cost you £5.99 & finally the Babys bowl & plate set will cost you £7.49. All three we thoroughly recommend and Miss Belle enjoys using all three of her MAM products.

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