Mam Feeding Products Review

Just before Christmas i received a lovely email saying i had been selected as a Toys R Us Babyologist. Shortly after i received a box of goodies to test out and review with Alex.
We were sent some MAM products, a well known and respected brand. For some reason i have never used any MAM products before so i was looking forward to putting them through their paces.We were sent the products in green but they are also available in pink or blue.

First up we received a green MAM feeding bowl and plate set. The plate and bowl can be attatched together or used apart and the plate has a non-slip base making it harder to push it off of the highchair.

First up, i want to say i really like the design, it’s simple and sturdy and i liked that the plate and bowl can be used both together and apart, the size is just right for the meals i give Alex now at 14 months old so it would be a product you can use from weaning through to toddlerhood.
Alex enjoyed the independence of eating from the bowl, because it is non slip he doesn’t get frustrated trying to eat from a bowl moving all over his highchair or falling onto the floor.
Though this set is more expensive then other weaning products out there, i do think it is worth it. It is practical and attractive which is always a good combination!
The second item was a MAM Snack Box. This pot is ideal for taking snacks out and about in your changing bag, it’s snap on lid keeps food fresh but when opened it can be attactched to the bottom of the pot so that little ones can easily get to the foods inside.
 Again i like the simple but practical design of this product especially the large opening meaning that the baby can get the food out themselves which encourages the use of the pincer grip. It is easy to fill and Alex found it easy to get his food out of the pot which of course is the most important thing!
The third item we received was MAM Green Teach Me Toothbrush Set. This set comprises of 2 brushes, a long handled caregiver brush that both parent and baby can use at the same time and a smaller brush that baby can use independently. There is also a gaurd that can be attatched to the brushes to stop it going too far into babies mouth.
Alex has only recently starting getting teeth, so toothbrushing is still relatively new for him. Because of this we used the long handled brush to ensure his teeth got a good clean while he still had the chance to ‘help’ by holding the brush too. The brush is comfortable to hold for me and also easy for him to grip too. My favourite thing about this brush set is the pink bristles which show you how much toothpaste you need to use, i think this is something that can be hard to gauge as a parent so i found it useful to have there as a guide. The bristles are really nice and soft so perfect for a young babies teeth and gums which can be tender from teething and i have had no problems using it even when new teeth are coming through.
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