MAM Anti Colic Bottle Set Review By Paula

This review is part of the Babyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers put baby products and toys to the test with their little ones for useful insight by parents, for parents.

Me and my little ones love these bottles. First of all the design on the bottles is lovely and so much better then just the plain bottles.

02The first time I tried these bottles, my little ones drank their milk so much better then any of the previous bottles I’ve tried. The shape of the teat seems to make it easier for them to drink and they don’t seem to need to be winded as much during feeds, which when you have twins makes feeds so much quicker and easier. They don’t seem to have half as much wind after using them!

The only thing about the bottle set, is that the smaller bottles are only good for water in between feeds, as with only getting them when they are 3 months, aren’t big enough for me to make 5 or 6oz feeds in. The fact that you get the 5.6oz and 9.5oz bottles also makes it easier for me personally, as Harry is on Nutrimigen milk and only takes 5oz, whereas James is on normal formula 6oz feeds. I don’t need to mark the bottles just yet, as I’m planning on buying the larger bottles in a different colour when Harry ups his feeds.

03The bottles do take longer to clean and make up as you have to take them apart, which is really easy, but they are easier to clean then other bottles especially the teats. The self sterilising is brilliant, especially if you just need to do one or two bottles in a rush, rather then having to use the steriliser unit and waiting for it to finish. They are also a lot easier to store and take up far less room as you can take them apart and stack them.

I’ve heard some people saying that they leak. I’ve never had this problem as long as they are assembled correctly.
Going back to the design on the bottles my little ones seem to react better when they see them, they get really excited and start chuckling, as the colours catch their eyes and they associate them with feeds more then the ordinary bottles.

01Overall I really like these bottles and my little ones seem to love them as they took to them straight away.
I’ve already recommended these to my friends and to the baby group I’m in, one of the other mums went and bought some. She agrees with me she got the anti colic version, and said her little girl seems so much more settled since using them.
So thank you for these you have made baby feeding a lot easier for me.

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