Logo What Am I Review

It took us a couple of read-throughs of the rules of LOGO What Am I? before we were all (almost) clear about what we had to do to play the game. We’re keen gamers here at Mama Owl so we were looking forward to giving this a try, it looked very promising as it is billed as the child-friendly version of the brand & logo recognition game which uses describing, drawing and guessing rather than the standard question format.

It’s recommended for 8 years + and is for 2-6 players, it is currently priced at £19.99 and is available now from Toys R Us.

Personally I think that the rules are a little too complex for the younger end of this age group, and believe that it could have been simplified further. We had to swap the cards a few times as Logan & Harrison (9 & 7) did struggle with reading a handful of them.

The game moves at a good pace by using the sand timer, although Logan (who has Autism) did become a little distressed when his time ran out and so we opted not to use it for his turn, though despite this he abandoned his place half way through the game.

The aim of the game is to travel around the board, landing on either guess it, describe it or draw it spaces along the way, before reaching the winning zone. You take a card and complete the action space you land on, and the other players have to guess the logo or brand. For the guess it cards, if there isn’t a ‘hint’ included you could be there a while as the person who has the card can only answer yes, no or maybe which doesn’t narrow the field very quickly or easily for the other players.

Alicia & Joshua (14 & 11) enjoyed this game, and it is one that I think I will reserve for them to play with their friends or with myself & the Mister. In the end we ‘teamed up’ Alicia & Joshua with the younger two so that they could help them out and the game went a lot more smoothly! All in all, it is a good game with a clever concept, but better for older children in our opinion.

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