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Review by The Beesley Buzz. Boxed This simply has to be one of the best new board games around! It kept our family entertained for hours, and proved an instant hit. The aim of the game is to move around the board, trying to be the first to finish. At the start of each of your goes, you pick up a card. On it are listed a number of brands and items. Depending on the type of square you are on, you must either draw the item, describe it (without using any of the words on the card) or get the other players to guess it through asking yes/no questions. If an opponent correctly guesses before the timer runs out, both you and they get to move your playing piece along the board. Playing Like all great games, it is a very simple concept and it has been very well put together by the people at Drumond Park. Although designed for players aged 8+, our six-year-old did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed the game. You do have to remember, though, that children won’t have come across all the brands listed – although that did lead to some great moments…  After many questions, we identified that our six-year-old was holding a card with a type of crisp written on it. After several more, we discovered it was the flavour of crisp that we were tying to guess: “Salt and vinegar?”  No. “Ready salted?”  No. “Cheese and onion?”  No. <Cue many more guesses…. until….> “We give up.”   It’s Toffee Crisp! This is a truly entertaining game, and has been a lot of fun for all the family. Definitely recommended!

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