LEGO Duplo Creative Cakes Review

Reviewed by Damian Johnson, WhenToysRuleTheWorld.
We don’t own any Duplo. We skipped over it and went straight to ‘proper’ Lego since we’ve collected bucketloads of the stuff since I was small (besides, they don’t do Star Wars Duplo). So Creative Cakes was a completely new (kind of) play experience for us all.

The set comes in a reasonably strong cardboard box, with a plastic lid that doubles as a tray for your baked creations. The briefest mention of the word ‘cake’ was enough to capture my (note quite) 2 year old’s attention and she sat for ages clicking the bricks together to make a variety of vaguely cake-shaped objects.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00389-rESxE]

It’s Lego and therefore very hard to fault in any way, however I will nitpick at it being very, very pink. As far as I am aware it is common for both girls and boys to have a play kitchen/shop/similar, which this set would compliment very nicely. Unfortunately since – for no really good reason – the colour scheme is heavily girl-targeted, very few boys are going to want it – or at least not be bought it by an adult. Which is a shame because, as I said, this goes perfectly with a play kitchen.

(If there is indeed a more gender-neutral set available, then I apologise.)

Other than that, this is a great set with just enough pieces to allow a number of different cakes to be made. Included is a booklet with some ideas pictured, but really the cakes are all down to the imagination of the child.

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