LEGO Duplo Cake Creative Review

There are cupcake cakes, candles, cupcake toppers, decorations to name but a few.

I have to start by saying, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

If I am honest, I would never have considered buying this if I saw it in store – I’m not a great fan of anything that you have to make or has too many parts as inevitably they get lost over time.  However, the Lego Duplo Cake Creative is fab.

The parts are large enough to not get lost and even my 16 month old son doesn’t have any problems handling the pieces and putting them together. There are a variety of parts for you to make pretty creations from cupcakes to full cakes and we have sung Happy Birthday many times since, as a result.

The age range is 2-5 years but as I said, my 1 year old son has had hours of fun with this already – probably more so than Scarlett has. She is almost 5 and I would say that this is definitely the upper age limit for the kids who would get enjoyment out of it (apart from myself, of course) and would probably say it should be aimed at 18mo-4 years as at nearly 5, Scarlett has sussed out everything she can do with it and would probably benefit from smaller, more intricate pieces to make more elaborate designs.

The box it arrives in also acts as a storage box which is a plus; the downside is that the box could probably be a bit sturdier but that is the only negative I can think of. At £19.99 from ToysRUs we think this is a great buy and would love to see similar items from Lego to tie in with this idea.

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