LEGO Duplo Busy Farm Review

Lego Duplo Busy Farm

A trip down memory lane…

My husband says you can never have enough Lego. As a child he had buckets of the stuff and is convinced that through its use, he learned much of his building know-how. I also have fond memories of building with Lego, though I do recall an incident involving a Lego city set and some super glue – I think I was trying to prevent my sister demolishing a sky scraper?…

So after a trip down memory lane, we set about reviewing the Lego Duplo Busy Farm set with our three year old daughter…

Lego Busy farm is a 15 piece bricks and book set that combines reading with building – an idea we all really liked. Rather than a boring set of instructions to guide your child; in its’ place is a colourful story book with simple step by step illustrations on how to build four farm yard animals – a pig, a cow, a rooster and a sheep. The book uses rhyming verse to tell a story about Farmer Ted and encourages building, counting and animal sounds. Our three year old made light work of constructing the animals and after a while, decided it was much more fun to build a pig-cow and rooster-sheep. This was followed by 10 minutes of shrieking ‘cock-a-doodle bahh’ much to her own amusement.

Building Memories Building with Lego

The Lego Busy Farm is aimed at children aged 1-4. We would recommend introducing this set to children at around 18 months, particularly if you plan to build your child’s Lego collection. With just 15 pieces this set of course has some creative limitations, however as an introduction to Lego Duplo or to simply add to an existing Lego Duplo collection this set is ideal. This was Tots first experience with Lego and my only regret is not introducing her to the fun of Lego building sooner. At least we know what to ask from Santa this Christmas!….

Look Dad, I’ve made an animal tower!

Overall any toy that stimulates creativity; is re-usable and unbreakable gets a big thumbs up in our book. At just £9.99 this set offers excellent value for money and would make an ideal stocking filler or birthday gift for a toddler. There are two further story book sets to collect and we’re hopeful Lego will release more in the future. The concept is simple yet clever – well done Lego!

**Top Tip Lego Duplo can be used alongside regular Lego bricks and according to man-child make it excellent foundations for large Lego buildings (According to Dad aka ‘Lego Expert and master builder’).

Lego Busy Farm is available in-store and online at Toys R Us

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