LEGO Castle toyologist review

My son, aged 9, was very excited to test this.

boy 1The packaging was OK, clearly showed the model put together so we had an idea what to expect. All the Lego pieces were in clearly numbered bags, along with 2 books, which showed clear instructions and told you which bag to use for that part.

My son wanted to build by himself, so took him several nights (after school, a few hours a time). He thoroughly enjoyed putting it all together. However did get a little frustrated at times when connecting castle parts together. He said he needed to ‘have more gentle hands’.

boy2 The Lego is as always durable and easy to connect. We had a few spare pieces left over. Also like the addition of the little separating tool.

Since building my son has had hours of fun playing, most of the castle has remained intact.

All in all this product is great value and from trusted brand. We are now looking at the add on sets!

My son said the only down side was he would have liked somewhere to store the Legoafter, as the original packaging box is not good for it.boy3


Thanks to Rachel for this review. 

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