Leappad Ultra Toyologist Review

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We are new owners of the fantastic LeapPad Ultra, well we already had one so now we have two. One belongs to Little Lady age 2 and one belongs to Big T age 12(mental age of 5/6). They both are huge fans of their LeapPads and both use it for different things. I am a huge fan of the LeapPad Ultra because it is educational, I love products that allow a child to learn without them realising they are learning, lets face it we all learn much more when it is a fun way of learning. Big T having learning difficulties along with A.D.H.D makes teaching him new things rather difficult especially as he is only medicated during school hours. When we are teaching him new words he will get agitated easily and once this happens he will not stick to a task but give him the LeapPad and he will learn without realising.

photo 2He loves racing games and Turbo Racing team is one of his favourite games on the LeapPad. Another game he loves is Jewel Train, he moves through the levels surprisingly well. The aim of the game is to complete the track to allow the train to come out of the tunnel and collect all the jewels along the track and reach the station. Some are really easy some are harder. Little Lady so far has managed to get to level 6 with a little help from her 5 year old brother. Another great thing I love about the LeapPad Ultra is it is Kid tough and when it belongs to Big T is has to be. It is durable and has been drop tested, if it can survive with Big T it can survive with any child.The LeapPad Ultra is powered by battery but fear not it is rechargeable batteries that come with it along with the adapter. A full charge will give you a 9 hour playtime. The in built memory of 8gb can hold up to 40,000 photos than can be taken from the front and rear cameras, these cameras also video record and the quality is much better than I expected. If it is not photos your child is storing then they can hold up to 100+ game apps.

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The apps come at varying costs some can be bought for as little as a few pounds from the app store. Purchasing and transferring them over is very simple, if your extended family are stuck on what to buy as gifts then they could purchase an app gift card which allows you and your child to choose which apps they would like. As we have two LeapPads we just use one parent account which means both LeapPads are able to have the same game stored on them. The parent settings are very easy to use and leaves you in complete control, your area on the LeapPad is pass code protected so things can only be changed by you.The LeapPad Ultra is aimed at children age 4-9 however my 2 year old loves hers, she sticks to the simple apps and loves being on the art studio, she grasps the LeapPad pen as she would a normal pencil and draws away using the different tools. She loves to proudly show off her drawings and quite likes to save each one.

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I think the LeapPad Ultra is fantastic value for money and children outside of the age suitability can still enjoy it.
It can teach your child Reading, Mathmatics, Creativity and Life Skills along with Science and Social studies all whilst they are having fun.
I think many children would love a LeapPad Ultra in their Christmas Sack this year.

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