Leappad Ultra 2 Toyologist Review


We were picked as a Toys R Us Toyologist and asked if we would like to review the LeapPad Ultra. I hadn’t heard of the LeapPad Ultra before so had a look on the website to see what it was an agreed shortly afterwards as I knew this would be something my 7 year old would like.

The LeapPad Ultra is a children’s tablet but it is unlike prior LeapPad tablets. The LeapPad Ultra has Kid-Safe Wi-Fi  which is fantastic as it means no plugging it into the computer to download apps and there is parents settings which allows you as a parent to further customise your child’s online access. Young children accessing the internet is a big worry for parents but this is no longer a problem as the LeapSearch which is powered by Zui is 100% child friendly and they will not be able to access anything bad or nasty at all. It has a bigger screen at  7 inch and is a high resolution light touch screen.

A huge plus point was that it does not need batteries as it has a built in rechargeable battery that lasts around nine hours per charge and it comes with the plug to charge it up and also a USB cable too so you can charge it both ways. Oh yes and we received a pink one which pleased my daughter no end.


The LeapPad Ultra is very child friendly and has been durability  drop tested as most people know children can be a little clumsy, even when they are holding something properly things tend to get dropped. There is a thick casing around the tablet and it is also raised so the screen is protected.

There are 11 apps that come with it but they do need downloading and it does take a while, I think it took around 20 minutes to set it up completely and download the apps but once they have downloaded it is fun time and my daughter was excited to start playing on it.

The first thing she played with is the Pet Pad Party which is a game where you look after a pet and level up while you are looking after that pet with playing games, cleaning it and buying it new things she chose to have a Panda and I often see her playing with it.


If you do not want to play games that’s fine too there is so many features on the LeapPad Ultra you are spoilt for choice there is the camera so you can take selfies and also photos of other people or things, a video recorder which has been up in our faces a few times with a giggling 7 year old behind it. My daughter loves to read and she can do that on here as it is an eReader too. Want to listen to music?  the LeapPad Ultra is also an MP3 player it also has peer to peer play and motion sensor. It has it all and with an 8gb memory which can hold up to 40,000 photos or 100+ apps there will always be something that your child will enjoy.

I like that the games are tailored to your Childs skill level the first level in reading an eBook will be a book with a few words, level 2 a little more words and level 3 has even more words so they get the best out of it even when they don’t think they are learning they will be.


We have had a look at the library which has more than 5000 educator approved games, apps and more and there are several my daughter has taken an interest to and I will be purchasing some for her maybe once a month.

I have written a lot of good things about the LeapPad Ultra and I would definitely recommend it as a first tablet to any parent because they have thought of everything that children want to do and it is all bundles on it and I think that would make any child who loves technology happy.

The only downside we have found with the LeapPad Ultra is sometimes it can be a bit slow in loading things up this has not caused any problems though.

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