Leapfrog Touch Magic Rockin Guitar Review

What I have come to know from Leapfrog during my time as a parent is that their toys usually prove to be very popular with Arlo, and that their songs will get stuck in my head forever.

The idea of the Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar is that you strum along as the music plays. The faster or slower you strum, the faster or slower the song plays, encouraging the development of motor skills. There are 10 different songs and a number of other sound effects such as drums and audience applause.

Arlo is still grasping the strumming concept and seems to enjoy this part better when someone helps him with the guitar, but he is more than happy to listen to the songs and press the other buttons by himself. The guitar is thin and lightweight, so it’s easy for a toddler to hold. The guitar comes with a strap so you can walk around with the guitar slung over your shoulder like a dude.

I thought the functionality of this toy was best demonstrated with a video, so I’ve included a little clip of Arlo and his dad trying out the Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar.


Arlo often watches his dad play the guitar, so he’s pretty pleased to have his own guitar now. I would definitely recommend this toy for a music-loving toddler. The Leapfrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar is available to buy at Toys R Us, priced £19.99

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