Leapfrog Tag Learning System Review

In our 3rd Toyologist box we found a LeapFrog Tag Learning System. I knew straight away that little T would love this because he is a bit of a book worm & loves to have books read to him before bed each night, sometimes asking for 3 books in one night. The Tag Learning System has given him a bit of independence to reading, he no longer needs us to read to him, the Tag Learning System allows him to read, play games & also spell out words. He really enjoyed discovering what each new page in the books had to offer, he really likes the Toy Story page in the sampler book so I think the Toy Story book is a must buy for us for him. 

It teaches, reading, vocabulary, comprehension & phonics. Little T did get confused when we used the spell it icon & the word was said how it is in the alphabet rather than how it sounds. He liked to press the sound it icon then press on “sh” or “ea” to listen to how it sounds because they are doing this with him in school. The Tag reader has a volume control, a usb port, a headphone port, a play button & on/off switch. It will require 2 x AAA batteries in order to work.
You can see the Tag Learning System in action by watching our video below.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feLBjEemhOo]
You can buy the TagLearning System from Toy R Us for just £29.99 which we think is excellent value for what you get out of it, the books retail at around £12.97 & there is a good range of popular books available to buy.
We would highly recommend the Tag Learning System.

Review by mummy2five

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