Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Review

The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer GS has proved so popular in our house that the children have fought over it! It is aimed at 4-9 year olds so both my children are a good age for it. We had 3 apps included with the Leapster but you have to install software on a computer then connect the Leapster and download them on to it. Not too difficult a task but best done before giving it to your child to use. Each child using it has levels chosen by an adult whilst it is connected to the computer this means that each game is set at the right difficulty for them.

Before thes were put on my son had lots of fun with the camera function and doing strange things to photographs of his granny! The controls are very simple to pick up and in fact he needed very little adult help to use the Leapster. The main menu has touch screen controls which make it easy to use with the stylus (cleverly tied on to the console):

All the downloaded apps are fun but educational. The child has to use numeracy, literacy and other subjects to complete them. You can then check on their progress using the LeapFrog Connect software. My laptop is misbehaving at the minute but this gives you a flavour:

The games we have installed are:

The player has to follow the letter lines.
Uses numeracy skills and use of the camera.

Has information about various countries around the world and quizzes the child.

The children seem to like playing all of them and testing out their skills in a fun way. I have found that I need to watch how long they play though as they would stay on all evenings. A good way to do this is to remind my son how quick the batteries went flat when they first got it! I definitely need to invest in more rechargeable batteries or invest in a power adapter as it is power hungry. The battery case is quite stiff to open and initially my dad used a screwdriver to persuade it. The more it is opened the easier it gets!

A great educational toy as well as lots of fun. Gets the thumbs up from my children just a shame about the battery usage.

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