Leapfrog Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack Review

The LeapFrog Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack is a great addition for your Tag Learning System. When I first shown it to little T he was convinced it was something to fix the body, what body needs fixing I don’t know but he was pretty convinced. In the pack you get a 2 sided human body chart, an interactive growth chart & 3 interactive sticker sheets, including 1 set of glow in the dark bones. The 2 sided body chart features the body system & it will teach your child about all the major systems that when put together forms our bodies such as the digestive system, the muscular system, the skeletal system, the respiratory, circular & nervous system. 
Little T loved discovering all the bones in his body & also loved learning about where our food goes after it has passed our lips. When he pressed on the muscles I did expect them to be named but they was not so that was slightly disappointing, I think it is only disappointing because I took P.E at school so I had to learn all the muscles & bones that made up our body.  

The growth chart is excellent because you can mark off how tall your child is, your child can then click on the number next to their height & it will tell them how tall they are.
What child doesn’t like stickers?, they are even more fun when you can put your Tag Learning system on them to tell you what organ or bone they are no matter where your child chooses to stick them. The Skeleton stickers are glow in the dark which adds to the fun. 
I think the LeapFrog Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack is worth the money, at just £14.99 it will teach your child the human body facts, body system & health & nutrition. It is suitable for ages 4-8 years which I would say is the right age because little T loves it.
I would highly recommend the LeapFrog Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack to family & friends & it is available to buy from Toys R Us.
Please note with this set you do not get the Tag Learning System, this would need to be bought separately. 

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