Leap Frog My Talking Lappup Review

The Leap Frog Talking LapPup is an interactive toy aimed for children aged 6 Months and over.
It has 5 large, colourful buttons as well as a sliding “biscuit.”

The LapPup was really easy to unbox – there were three plastic tabs which just pulled off to release the toy – no scissors were required!
Batteries were included too. With an RRP of £14.99, it is great value for money.

My Talking LapPup

Sam LOVES gadgets. He is only 15 Months old, but is pretty savvy with the iPad, already.
I wasn’t sure how he would react to the LapPup, but he definitely loved it.
He frequently pulls it out of the toy box and opens and closes it to play Peekaboo with pup.

The LapPup encourages numbers, letters, colours and hand-eye co-ordination.
The Rhymes have an amazing ability to get stuck in my head, so it must encourage learning.

Sam likes how the pup’s mouth moves, too (the bottom part of the mouth lights up, and looks like a tongue as Pup speaks).
The LapPup is light, and Sam can carry it, as well as open and close it himself. It is firm once it’s open so it won’t snap shut, but it isn’t too stiff either.

The Kids and the LapPup

Sydney, my 12 week old daughter is already showing an interest in the LapPup. She watches Sam playing with it with great interest.
It is pretty small, and ideal for use when travelling. LapPup is small enough to leave in the boot of the car, or under the pram so you always have something to hand when visiting family and friends who won’t have toys for your little one to play with.

All in all, we really like the talking LapPup, and at £14.99 it is great value for money. Sam has spent hours playing with it, and I get the impression Sydney will as well. We would definitely recommend it to those looking for a gift for a child under 2 years old.

The Leap Frog Talking LapPup is available from Toys R Us.

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