Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Patient Doll Review

This is a doll we had never heard of before but my daughter was keen enough to try her out. Apparently they are rag dolls that magically have come to life when the final stitch is put in. They are certainly made to look they have been sewn even though they are plastic.



This particular doll is a patient that your child can tend to as if they were a doctor. My son was quite taken with the stethoscope that makes a range of sounds when pressed to the doll (not sure any were a heartbeat!).



The doll is not alone on her set as comes with a teddy bear, a bottle of milk and her heart on a jar!



Her clothes are removable – though getting over her bandaged foot isn't easy! The teddy has removable parts so he can be made better by reattaching them.


I think this would appeal more to 4-6 year old girls than it did to my son, my daughter is sorry she is a bit too old for it!


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