Kre o Battleships Combat Chopper Review

This review is for the KRE-O Battleships Combat Chopper

We recently reviewed another KRE-O Battleship construction kit from our first Toyologist box and sadly little man really struggled to get to grips with it.

Its not that he don’t enjoy building the KRE-O sets its just that the pieces are so tiny that he struggles to piece them together at speed. We also reviewed a KRE-O Bumblebee car last year on our blog “A boy with Aspergers” and although we got their in the end with the help of his father, it does take little man longer than average.

I always assumed he would be really good at KRE-O as he has this amazing ability to build things when it comes to Lego. I just think its the small size of the KRE-O pieces and the fact that he prefers to use his imagination to create masterpieces as opposed to following a set of instructions, that really make KRE-O more difficult for him.

The Battleship Combat Chopper was no exception from that of the above. Our last review for toys r us took some time before dad finally stepped in to help. With his father busy and myself being somewhat rubbish at this kind of thing, it has resulted in an unfinished helicopter. Nonetheless he did really try. He started on the construction only to discover he had done some of it wrong and the little perfectionist took it all apart again.


I think KRE-O Kits are Brilliant for the right child. If the child doesn’t struggle to construct these kits then fun can be had both during the construction and play. I know from experience (from those kits we have finished) that the finished toy doesn’t only look great but offers lots of playability.

Below are the features mentioned within the product description.

“Features two push button firing missiles, and rotor blades that really spin, this awesome apache aircraft is capable of out-fighting anything in the air, especially with you and the elite KREON Fighter Pilot at the helm!”

So, from this the finished article sounds really exciting making little man keen to get Finished. For now it remains back in its box till his father comes over and has a spare hour to donate.

Packaging: The KRE-O sets provide colourful instruction booklets and the best thing about the packaging was that each sections pieces are grouped and sealed together. This saves children from getting confused by all the different bits.They can work on each different part of their battleship bit by bit.


What I must state is that if your child isn’t great at looking after this type of thing than stay away. The pieces are tiny and losing just one piece could lead to construction doom.

Overall its a nice set that would suit a child with patience and an interest in construction kits.

KRE-O Battleships Combat Chopper is available from Toys R Us for 19.99

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