Kre o Battleship Alien Strike by Mama Owl Review

Uncle Marc joined us again to build this KRE-O Battleship Alien Strike after he enjoyed making the first one so much and Logan was on hand this time to oversee the construction of this model.

This is a large kit with 277 KRE-O pieces, and the end product is an alien ship and firing weapons to use with the 4 KREON figures also included. Uncle Marc & Logan spent the evening building this together using the instructions, there are lots of small pieces and it was quite time consuming but the result was a nice little model that can be built & rebuilt and will provide plenty of entertainment.

Priced at £24.99 I think it is good value for money, it is recommended for ages 7+ and is available now from Toys R Us. This kit will make an ideal gift for construction fans (and their Uncles!), perhaps as a companion to the KRE-O Battleship Combat Chopper. Very much enjoyed by Logan (and Harrison who has had a play with it too), it’s a little fiddly, but a great kit so we at Mama Owl give this four stars.

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