Kids’ Water Slides

Nothing heralds the start of summer like garden water play. If your kids enjoy playing with water balloons, pistols and sprinklers then they are going to love shooting down a slippery water slide with their friends. We’ve broken down the best things about garden water slides and the cool varieties available so you can find out why kids relish this exhilarating outdoor toy.

Boy sliding down water slide

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The great, great outdoors

The summer holidays are tons of fun, the days are long and the play is endless. Make the most of the summertime with a water slide in your green space.

Outdoor play is active and promotes healthy living. However, in hot weather it’s important to remember to apply sun cream and to keep cool. Water slides offer the perfect way for little ones to continue to burn off energy in the heat as the water keeps them cool and refreshed. Their safe and sturdy designs also mean that they’re a brilliant toy for adventurous youngsters.

We think the Sizzlin’ Cool 16ft Water Slip n Slide is an ideal water slide for hot weather. It’s easy to store away and then on a warm day just lay it on the grass, attach a hose pipe and the inbuilt sprinklers will create a slippery shoot so little ones can get sliding straight away!

Girl in bikini on water slide

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Change is good

Nothing is guaranteed to change as much as the British weather. Many contemporary water slides have taken the cooler days into account by doubling up as ordinary garden slides. Products like the Smoby 7ft Wavy Water Slide are multi-functional: just attach a hose and the plastic slope is transformed with a water cascade.

Boasting a lightweight, practical design, these versatile plastic water slides are easy to assemble and can be quickly wiped clean, making them excellent outdoor toys that complement any sandpit, swing set or paddling pool.

Boy giving thumbs up on water slide

Photo credit: Richard Barley from Flickr

Slip sliding away

Whether you’re looking to buy a Smoby water slide or a Sizzlin’ Cool model, be assured that the product you choose will provide years of outdoor fun. Most water slides for kids can be used by toddlers and older children alike. Take the 9ft Valencia Water Slide – it’s suitable for ages 3 – 10 years, meaning friends  of different ages and siblings can play together.

Children will enjoy sliding either by themselves or with friends. Taking turns teaches the importance of sharing, making water slides a wonderful toy for social play. With years of outdoor excitement guaranteed, a water slide is a great long-term toy investment that will be appreciated summer after summer.

In summary water slides:

  • Keep kids cool on hot days
  • Encourage active play whilst being secure
  • Adjust to different styles of play
  • Teach children social rules and sharing
  • Suit a wide range of ages

Think a water slide would be a great addition to your garden? Browse our full range of garden water slides available to buy online at Toys R Us.

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