Kids’ Party Ideas

Whether it’s for a birthday or just an excuse to celebrate, we’ve pulled together some fun kids’ party ideas to help you throw a memorable bash! There’s so many things you can do to make your children’s party amazing, from themes to games to party food. So, have a look at these ideas for children’s parties and get organising your little one’s next do – or if you’re looking for children’s party ideas for a slightly younger audience, check out our blog post on baby’s first birthday.

Kids' Birthday Party

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Kids’ Party Themes

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Whether your little one loves pirates or princesses, a theme is a great way to tie all your kids’ birthday party ideas together. To make your job easier, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite party themes, with the essential products you’ll need to celebrate with a bang.


Ahoy matey! Set sail with a pirate theme for your kids’ party. There’s so many costumes and props for girls and boys to get into character. Turn your little tykes into swashbucklers for the day with pirate hats, eye patches, bandanas, hooks, swords and more. Decorate the house with Jolly Roger flags, skull and crossbones bunting, polka dot balloons, and (don’t forget!) Polly the parrot. Get stuck into a classic game of Pop-Up Pirate – loser walks the plank! For a kids’ birthday party, make the cake stand out by decorating it with this brilliant Jake and the Neverland Pirates kit.

Kids' pirate party

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From Marvel to DC, superheroes are everywhere right now and make a great kids’ party theme. It’s so easy for children to dress up as their favourite hero, like Iron Man, Thor, Batman or Spiderman – there are just so many wonderful costumes out there to choose from. Or why not create your own? Use your superpowers to experiment and make your own superhero outfit – you could even have a prize for the best one. Decorate the house with balloons, like these awesome Batman and Spiderman ones, bright bunting, napkins and cups.

Kids' superhero party

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Wish upon a star and throw a magical princess party! Ask everyone to dress up as their favourite Disney princess, like Snow White, Rapunzel or Cinderella. Make sure all the guests get a wand and tiara to complete their fabulous outfits. Think pink and purple when decorating the house with balloons, ribbons and bunting. For a great party game, fill this princess piñata full of sweeties and put it up for the little ones to hit with their wands. Why not set up a royal beauty station and paint everyone’s nails with these gorgeous nail polishes? You could also organise a tea party for your little princesses and ask everyone to bring their favourite doll along with them to join in the fun.

Kids' princess party

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Banana! There’s no escaping the little yellow henchmen, so why not throw a Minions kids’ party? Girls and boys alike can dress up as the mischief makers with this great Minion Dave costume, or don some Minions face masks instead. There’s no shortage of Minions party decorations from table covers, paper plates, party cups and drinking straws. For a kids’ birthday party, pop on some party hats and put these cute Minions candles on the cake. Think yellow, yellow, yellow (with the odd bit of blue) when decorating the house! For a bit of fun, see how long everyone can talk like a Minion for.

Minions birthday party

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Kids’ Party Games

If you’re struggling for kids’ birthday party ideas, plan to play a couple of games – after all, it’s not a children’s party without a game of pass the parcel or two!

Kids Party 02

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Treasure Hunt

A great game for a pirate-themed kids’ party is a treasure hunt. Create an authentic treasure map by tearing the edges to make it look worn, soak it with a teabag and crumple it up. For the prize, fill a treasure chest full of chocolate coins. Remember that X marks the spot…

Capture the Cape

A heroic take on ‘Capture the Flag’, split your superheroes into two teams and give each a cape to defend. The goal is to steal the other team’s cape and return it to your territory. If you get tagged, you have to join the other team unless someone from your team saves you!

Bippity Boppity Boo

This enchanted twist on ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ is perfect for princess parties. Sit everyone in a circle and have one child go round and tap each in turn with their wand, saying ‘bippity, boppity, bippity, boppity…’ Be prepared to run when they say ‘boo!’.

Pass the Parcel

Sometimes the old ones are the best. Pass the parcel can fit into any kids’ party theme. Wrap a prize in layers of paper, pass it around a circle to music, and tear off a layer when the music stops. Have a couple of prizes ready, if you’re feeling generous.

Pass the parcel

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Kids’ Party Food

After all those games, your little guests are sure to be hungry. We’ve rounded up some of the tastiest kids’ party food ideas, guaranteed to have everyone coming back for seconds!


Cupcakes are a great kids’ party food that can be customised to suit your theme. Follow this easy kids’ cupcake recipe and get creative with your toppings! For Minions, cover with yellow fondant, use marshmallows for the eyes and pipe with icing to finish. If you’re short on time (or skill!) then you’re bound to find edible wafer paper toppers of your characters online.

Finger Food

Finger food is an absolute must at any children’s party. The bitesize portions are perfect for kids and adults alike. Think cocktail sausages, mini pizzas and crisps. You can sneak some healthy options in there too, like carrot sticks and fruit slices, as long as they’re not beside the cakes!

Birthday cupcakes

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