Kids’ Craft Kits

When it’s cold or wet outside, there’s no better way to keep the kids occupied than with arts and crafts. Little ones love getting their hands dirty by painting, glueing and covering objects in glitter, and there’s always an end result they can be proud of. As well as being great fun, kids’ arts and crafts are good for their development.

Arts and crafts allow children to explore their thoughts and feelings, and help them to express themselves. Getting creative encourages kids to think more imaginatively, and the process of deciding what to draw or where to stick something helps them develop self confidence.

If your kids love to get arty, why not put together a kid’s craft kit? This should contain all the kids’ craft supplies your little ones will need to get creative, making it easy for you to just dip in and out when you’re planning a creative afternoon.

Arts and crafts boxes for kids

You can buy a big plastic box for your kids’ art supplies, or you could re-purpose an old shoebox – just cover it in some pretty wrapping paper, or plain paper which they can decorate with felt tips.

Then, fill the box up with all the essential supplies! You can keep it basic to begin with, and add to the box every time you come across a bargain piece of crafting kit or a new must-have set of glitter glue. Here are our suggestions for getting started – pick and mix your favourites:Crayola safety scissors

  • Kids’ scissors

These are a crafting essential! These Crayola safety scissors are perfect for younger children, as they only cut through paper and card, with the choice to either cut straight or zig zag lines.

  • PVA glue

Fast-drying PVA glue is ideal for a range of craft activities – and kids seem to love nothing more than spreading it across cardboard or dotting it onto fabric.

  • Glue sticks

Glue sticks are another must for your kids’ craft boxes – they’re perfect for sticking down paper, card and magazine cuttings. Why not add some extra fun with this set of rainbow glue from Pritt?

  • Coloured paper and card

Stock up on a range of card and paper in different colours, such as this set of metallic card. Coloured card forms the basis of a whole host of art activities, from creating birthday cards to sparkly crowns.

  • Scrap paper

You’ll also want to include some scrap paper in your craft box, so your kids can perfect their designs and drawings before committing them to their masterpiece.

  • Pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners are an easy way to brighten up any crafting project. Pack a selection of brightly coloured pipe cleaners into your craft box – they’re perfect for bending and twisting into a variety of shapes.

  • Tissue paper

Tissue paper is another craft box essential – it can be glued down as a background, or crinkled and crumpled to make beautiful art.

  • Felt

Stock up on felt in all the colours of the rainbow. It’s great for crafting flowers, fuzzy animals and much more.

  • Paint8819994263582

Pop some paint in your kids’ craft kit – it’s a must for all things arty! This set of Crayola washable paints really are washable, so you can let the little ones go wild without worrying about spillages and staining.

  • Paint brushes

To paint, you need paint brushes! Choose a brush set with a range of sizes, so your child can try their hand at a number of different painting styles.

  • Glitter

Glitter is great for jazzing up any crafty creation. Add a couple of glitter pots to the craft kit, try glitter glue pens or even this glitter paint from Universe of Imagination.

  • Sequins and buttons

Like glitter, sequins are a must for adding a little extra sparkle to any of your children’s art work. Stock up on sequins in a variety of sizes, and look out for buttons in different shapes – they’re perfect for adding an extra dimension to handicrafts.

  • Old birthday cards and magazines

Keep hold of old greetings cards and magazines with interesting pictures. Collages are a great activity for rainy days, and kids will love cutting out and sticking down their favourite images.

  • Felt tip pens

Felt tips are a basic essential for any craft kit. They can be used for a whole range of art activities – try this Kid Couleur set from Bic for a great range of bright colours, which have the added benefit of being ultra-washable.

  • Crayons

Crayons are another colouring-in essential – and even if they break, your kids can continue to make great art by melting them down (with adult supervision, of course!). Try this 24-pack of wax crayons from Crayola.

  • Coloured feathers

Coloured feathers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, adding a fun touch to your child’s crafting time. Stick them onto crafts, or create glamorous masks and headbands.

  • Googly eyes

Kids will be delighted with a set or two of googly eyes in their craft kit – they’ll add a touch of fun to any project!

  • Craft foam

Kids of all ages can get to grips with craft foam – it’s safe to use, and easy to glue. There’s a huge range of projects to be made using foam, from cute bookmarks to friendship bracelets.

  • Fabric scraps

Scraps of fabric make colourful collages and are ideal for adding an interesting touch to cards, bunting and much more. Save up any scraps from your own crafting, or visit a fabric shop, where they usually have a box of odds and ends for sale.

  • Ribbons

Patterned, plain, shiny or glittery – there’s a huge range of different ribbons out there, and they’re perfect for adding a special touch to craft projects. Visit your local haberdashery to pick out a few metres for your craft kit.

  • Chalkcoloured chalk

Creating pavement art with coloured chalk is the perfect activity for a sunny day – and if the weather’s less than perfect, chalk can also be used for chalk rubbings and painting with water.

  • Pasta, beans and rice

Keep a few tubs of pasta, beans and rice in your craft boxes. They’re great for painting or covering in glitter and look great when stuck down on pictures or cards, or threaded onto ribbon to make jewellery.

With these arty supplies in their craft kits, your children should be well on their way to creating magnificent craft projects. You might also want to start collecting natural items, such as conkers, twigs and pine cones – why not get the kids to forage for them when out for a walk? They’re look great when spruced up with glitter, and allow for kids to create some really unique pieces of art.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on household items like toilet roll tubes and egg boxes. You’ll be amazed at how some paint can transform these ordinary objects into amazing art projects, and they’re also great for using as stampers.


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