Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

When you’re a kid, your bedroom is for much more than sleeping. It’s the place you go to play with your friends, to snuggle up with bedtime stories or to build your own world with games for one.

Make sure your little ones have just the comfortable, fun and inspirational room they need to enjoy all of those things with a few of our favourite kids’ room decorating ideas.

Hello Kitty Bedroom

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Natural wonder

Bring of all of the fun of nature inside with a room that’s got an outdoors vibe. Paint the ceiling light blue and the walls light green. If you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush, you might like to bring the blue down and include some grassy hills or trees but if that sounds a little complicated, you could buy nature-related decals and simply stick to the wall.

If your kids are old enough, adding a few flowers or house plants is a nice idea and when the lights go out at night, transform the ceiling into a beautiful skyscape with EDU Science Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets. Plenty of plush animal toys and flowery curtains will help complete the look and with the camper-van style of the Blue De Van Camper Bed, your little ones can even feel as though they’re exploring the landscape.

Kids' Room - Tree Decal

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Artistic retreats

If your little one has an artistic streak, turn their bedroom into the perfect place to explore their creative side. Hanging some beautiful art on the wall is a great idea but an even better one for budding artists is to invest in some chalkboard paint. Choose one or two walls and turn them into giant chalkboards with this wipe-clean paint and let their imagination take over.

A drawing desk or wooden art easel is just what creative children need to start honing their skills and some kid-friendly storage – like plastic crates or colourful sideboards – is definitely needed for keeping those art supplies clean and tidy.

Kids' Art Room

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Pirate adventures

Turn the bed into a boat, the toy box into a treasure chest and send your little ones off to explore the Seven Seas – all from the safety of their own bedroom. There are lots of pirate-themed playsets that will help add to the atmosphere and a toy parrot to perch on top on the wardrobe is the perfect companion for any pirate fan.

Pick palm trees for the wallpaper to turn the room into a treasure island and hang a lovely big map on the wall and your little king or queen of the pirates will be all set to plan their adventures while also getting to grips with geography nice and early.

Toys in kids' bedroom

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Circus escapades

There are few more exciting places to be than in the Big Top of a circus and with the help of little more than some white and red striped fabric and some plush toys, you can bring all of the fun home. Set up a couple of wooden boxes for stuffed animals and don’t forget elephants, tigers and cheeky monkeys – the perfect kids’ room accessories!

All circus themed rooms need a nice big box with dressing up costumes for the ringmaster, the acrobats, the clowns and much more. If you’ve got the space, keep a corner of the room free for a stage and inspire your kids to put on their own circus performances.

Kids' Bedroom Decorations

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Football fun

If your little one is a big fan of the beautiful game, transform their bedroom into a pitch in one easy step with the help of a Football Crazy Wallpaper Mural. Choose a green carpet, football-shaped cushions, a match-themed duvet or the Boot Light to give any room a football-themed style.

Set up a mini game like the Total Action Football Game on a table or on top of a chest of drawers so kids can play football indoors without you having to worry about mess or accidents!

Kids' Football Room

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Fantastic Fairy Tales

Little princes and princesses will adore playing in a bedroom with a fairy tale twist. From well-loved characters like the Three Bears to mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns, there’s plenty of kids’ room inspiration to be found within the pages of your favourite storybooks. Think (mini) four poster beds and soft lighting for a magical feel.

Simply add a castle – please Elsa fans with the ice palace from Disney’s Frozen or get their imaginations working overtime with a Wooden Medieval Castle – and don’t forget to include plenty of shelves for all of those fairy tale books.

Kids' Fairy Room

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