Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

In spite of appearances, your kids’ bedroom is much more than a dumping ground for all the toys, sports equipment, school uniforms you find lying around the house. Their room is the place where little ones get to play, create, and be themselves. If you’re looking for kids’ bedroom ideas, a few considerations about how you decorate (or redecorate) their room can make the process a lot easier.

Decorating a kids’ room doesn’t mean you have to cave to the dogma of blue or pink. In fact, it’s a chance to connect with your child and be bold and adventurous with them. We’ve got lots of great kids’ room ideas to get your child’s room looking cheerful, distinctive and organised.

Girls' bedroom

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Wall ideas for kids’ rooms

There’s definitely more to painting the walls than pink for girls and blue for boys. Kids will grow up and it’s nice to have a décor that accommodates their changing tastes. When you’re thinking about kids’ room décor, spend some time talking with your child about what colours they’d prefer, especially when it comes to tones. You might find a preference for a more nautical teal over solid blue or a regal purple over bubblegum pink.

Once you’ve settled on a colour scheme consider a wall mural to really make one side of the room pop with activity. Walltastic Murals offer easy-to-apply murals with designs ranging from dinosaurs & jungle safari to branded options like Disney Princess and The Avengers.

Kids' wall mural

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Kids’ bedroom furniture

Bedtime can be contentious but there’s a lot of cool children’s bedroom ideas for furniture to get the little ones (almost!) excited about going to bed. The race car bed we all wanted as children remains popular with a leg up in the cool stakes from Cars’ Lightning McQueen. There’s also a Frozen themed sleigh bed for the little princess dashing her way to dreamland. Both offer storage drawers underneath. Toddler beds now also come with protective side panels as standard to prevent night time tumbles.

For older kids who still love transport themed bedding, there’s this hip VW Van style bed that offers bunk bed style sleeping up top and a cabin underneath that, alongside plenty of storage space, includes an integrated desk and a couch for hanging out.

Once you’ve chosen the bed, don’t forget about covers! The right duvet cover can make or break a kids’ room. Fans of Ryder, Chase and friends will love this cool Paw Patrol duvet set whilst little princesses will love being tucked up with Cinderella, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty with this Disney Princess duvet set.

Kids' feature bed

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While we know kids are more than happy to play on the floor it’s important to give them a space to sit and create. As far as kids’ bedroom ideas go, a simple kids’ desk and chair is one of the best investments you can make. Disney themed tables are available for little ones – perfect for hours spend drawing their favourite PAW Patrol members – but for older children dealing with homework there are more tasteful options like this American-style school desk. By having a desk to work at, away from distractions like screens, we can encourage better working habits in our children.

For relaxing, there’s a variety of kids’ chairs and sofas around. Have your kid try them out and let them pick what’s comfortable for them. However, if your kids are growing faster than you can keep track of, a big comfy bean bag that they’ll grow into is always a cost effective choice. Why not help them perfect their Care Bear stare with this cute Care Bears bean bag?

Colourful kids' bedroom

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Kids’ bedroom accessories

While we sometimes think our kids have loads of stuff in their room, a kids’ bedroom can become their castle if it has some cool stuff that adds interactive character to their living space. There are plenty of storage options for kids’ rooms and colourful organising bins are a particular favourite of ours. An alternative to the traditional toy box, they allow your child to stay organised as well as tidy.

Reading is very important to kids’ development and we know to encourage as and when we can. So if you’re a parent that ‘allows’ reading under the covers at bedtime, why not help your child out with a tilt torch night light. Star Wars fans are sure to love this cool torch that looks like a lightsaber!

Bedtime reading

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There may come a time in your child’s life where they will be absolutely bonkers for one thing. If this happens, there are co-ordinated room ranges to help you out that’ll make sure your kid’s duvet set, cushion covers & rugs are all Care Bears. We particularly like this cute Care Bears fleece blanket and cushion combo, perfect for helping them stay cosy. An upside of a co-ordinated range is that you can phase it out piecemeal as your child gets older and tastes change.

Above everything though, the easiest way to decorate your kids’ bedroom is to keep them involved! When you’re looking for kids’ room ideas, ask questions of them and actively listen to their feedback when presenting them with options. Kids have opinions and parents can take the measure of those to decorate a bedroom that suits a parent’s tastes and that kids are happy to be in.

Kids reading in bed

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