Keep Kids Believing in Santa

As I’m sure you already know, at Toys R Us we’re all about keeping the magic of Christmas alive. This year we’ve had the help of the adorably festive Elf Adventures to show you some of our top tips to help you keep kids believing in Santa. Whether you’re looking for fun activities to string out through the whole of December or quick-fixes for Christmas Eve, we have a range of kids’ Christmas ideas to help make sure this year’s a special one.

Elf in Xmas TreeSanta footprints

This is a great one to prepare on Christmas Eve after the little ones are all tucked up in bed. Of course, Santa still has snow on his boots after his long journey down from the North Pole. Keep kids believing in Santa by making a trail of white footprints from your door or fireplace to the bottom of the Christmas tree and back again.

You can buy Santa footprint kits online but it’s also easy to make your own at home with some everyday essentials. Simply pour baking powder into a baking tray (add glitter if you want to make your footprints even more magical). Wipe the sole of a man’s boot with a wet cloth and then press the damp shoe onto the baking tray so the sole is completely covered in white. Press the boot firmly into the carpet to create a trail of white footprints.

If you don’t have carpet in your house, then you can achieve the same result on hard flooring by sprinkling flour or talcum powder on the surface and walking through it wearing a pair of boots. Whichever way you choose to make your Santa footprints, you can be certain they’ll add an extra thrill to Christmas morning when the kids see the evidence of Santa’s night time visit!

Elf with footprints

Track Santa’s sleigh

Some of us can still remember the old days before we had easy access to the internet. Back then, what Santa was up to was entirely limited to our imagination and what we read in story books. Now though, we have a whole world of technology at our fingertips and with that comes plenty of new ways to keep kids believing in Santa.

On top of all those fun and entertaining craft ideas available online, there are tons of fun websites to help keep the magic of Christmas alive. A firm family favourite is to track Santa’s sleigh. This can usually done from early December but the fun really starts to build on Christmas Eve as your watch Father Christmas and his reindeer make their way around the globe.

There are lots of fun apps and websites where you can try this out but we like NORAD’s Santa Tracker. The North American Aerospace Defence Command have been tracking Father Christmas since 1955 when an advert encouraging children to phone Santa gave out the wrong number leading to some ingenious improvisation on their part. Today NORAD use their innovative technology to track Santa’s global progress in real time, making tracking Santa’s sleigh easy.

Elf on computerVisit Santa’s grotto

A reliable way to heighten the build-up to Christmas is to take a trip to Santa’s grotto. These are usually easy to find if you live in or near a large town or city and many Christmas markets or malls offer fun opportunities for your child to meet Santa in person.

Meeting Father Christmas face-to-face is a special experience for any child and it gives your little ones the chance to tell Santa exactly what they would like for Christmas. With an authentic Lapland atmosphere and the presence of Christmas elves inside the Grotto, a tip to meet Santa can be the perfect way to get the festivities off to a start.

Elf at Santa's grottoFood for Santa

Travelling the world delivering presents is a tough job but someone has to do it. Why not reward Santa with a tasty snack and a glass of his favourite tipple? It’s only fair that Rudolf and the gang should get a couple of carrots thrown in for their hard work too.

Leaving food for Santa is a traditional way to teach children a lesson in kindness whilst at the same time helping them to keep believing in Santa. The best part is that only you know what Santa really likes to eat. Maybe he prefers chocolate cake over mince pies, or is he more partial to a dram of whisky or a glass of prosecco? Make the experience as authentic as possible by leaving a few crumbs on the plate and an empty glass – delivering presents is thirsty work remember!

Elf with carrot and milk for SantaElf Adventures

Whichever way you choose to celebrate Christmas and whatever activities you and your family get up to in preparation for the big day, the Elf Adventures Activity Sets are an ideal way to get kids in the festive spirit. These cute Christmas toys are available in both boy elf and girl elf versions and come complete with their own elf passport, a letter from Santa himself and loads of fun Christmas-themed games, puzzles and stickers, plus plenty more exciting ideas to help keep this special season magical.

Elf looking at catalogue

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