Joshuas Starting to Appreciate Raa Raa Now

Reviewers: Mummy, Daddy, Rabbysnuggles and Joshua (19 months)

Dear Geoffrey

Thank you very much for my new toy.  Raa Raa, his Tree Howse and his Cubybugy are really great.   I like to open and close the front door, and push Raa Raa down to try and make a noise.  I can’t really do it right though, but Daddy helps me.  I like it when Daddy makes Raa Raa “Raa Raa”, I can say Raa Raa and it makes Daddy smile.

Joshua and Raa Raa's Treehouse

Joshua and Raa Raa’s Treehouse

I think Daddy must like Raa Raa as much as me, as he likes to play it together!

Lots of Love

Joshua xxxx

Hello all

Raa Raa’s Treehouse Playset is our 2nd Tomy Raa Raa toy.  We previously reviewed Roaring Raa Raa.  Joshua is a month and a half older now and taking more interest in his toys.

Having not heard of Raa Raa the Noisy Lion when the first toy arrived, we are now well up on it.  Daddy really rates the programme, especially the theme song, but Joshua doesn’t really watch TV yet.  When he does, we think he will really like Raa Raa as the characters and theme are excellent.

This is a fairly typical moulded plastic toy designed to replicate Raa Raa’s Treehouse.  In addition to the Treehouse it includes a mini-Raa Raa, ladder (to get into the top floor of the Treehouse), drums,  a lid for his chest and  the rather awesome Cubby Buggy.

Tomy Raa Raa's Interactive Treehouse

Tomy Raa Raa’s Interactive Treehouse

Like Roaring Raa Raa, there is a need to be able to push down quite firmly on Raa Raa (this time when he is in a ‘Smartspot’) to generate one of the many sounds.  This was a bit difficult for Joshua  as they are quite stiff to push down, so he needed our help.  Perhaps when he gets to the recommended age of 2 for this toy, it won’t be a problem though.

We’ve read some other reviews criticising this product in terms of the build and value for money, but  aside from the slightly stiff ‘Smartspot’ we can’t really see a problem.  In terms of value, most of these large plastic toys are on the high side price wise, so it isn’t really any different to others.

Joshua has show quite an interest in this toy.  He likes opening and shutting the door to the Treehouse, moving Raa Raa around, and running around with the little drums and chest lid!  He hasn’t shown as much interest in the Cubby Buggy as we would have thought he would, as he very much likes pushing his trains around.

The range of sounds can apparently be increased by purchasing more of the Raa Raa characters to go with the Treehouse, which perhaps restricts what you get out of it, but Raa Raa would probably get lonely without his friends so we might have to get them too!


Pros: Robust, colourful, realistic

Cons: Smartspots not so smart

Describe yourself: First time parent, Working parent, Toyologist

Recommend to a friend: yes

Recommended age range:  2 years plus

Batteries: NOT included (boooo hiss)

Un-prompted interest from Joshua: Very good.


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