John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker Review

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Since seeing the adverts of TV my children have been pestering for one of these, so it was a pleasant surprise when we got one in our Toyologist Box number 1!

All chocoholics will love this lolly maker. Melt, mould and wrap four fun shapes, you can even add a secret message to the back! Wrap them up as gifts for your friends, if you haven’t eaten them all first!

  • Melt, mould and wrap 4 fun chocolate lolly shapes- a flower, heart, horse and rabbit.
  • Simply melt and pour chocolate into the moulds and add a secret message to the back.
  • Shiny bags and tie on ribbons provided.

The first thing I noticed is that chocolate isn’t included, you do have to buy it. But obviously as a bonus it means you can pick the chocolate that you most like best, especially good if you are diabetic. Assembling the Chocolate Lolly Maker was easy and you get loads of accessories included including wraps and sticks.

First up you need to use the melting pot to melt the chocolate, I did find this a bit small, it could do with being bigger in all honesty, but it does the job so you can’t complain too much. You then pour it in the mould, and leave to set. You can then use the wrapper to wrap your lollies! However, first attempt my kids ate theirs, so we had to buy more chocolate buttons to make some for the grandparents.

Brooke who is 8 and Jordan who is 10 love this set as they can pretty much do it themselves (minus the melting) and they have something fun to show for it at the end. A great winter toy, and rainy day activity that they can get creative with!

You can buy the John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker online at http://www.toysrus.co.uk/1/1/13441-chocolate-lolly-maker-toys-r-us-role-play.html for £15.19.

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