Jiggle and Dance Fluffling Review

Having never heard of Flufflings before I was a somewhat curious as to what to expect.

Flufflings are Mindy, Okki and Loco. I think the one we have is Mindy, the neon pink ball of fluff although I confess to tearing the packaging off and recycling it before I could check. Sorry!

These rather cute fluffy monsters initially scared my son but now he’s their greatest fan as this video shows – it’s hard to describe what they do as the name says it all. They jiggle, dance, play music and best of all, they vibrate wildly which has amused us no end.

Jiggle and Dance Fluffling

Age wise, Scarlett really enjoyed her new Fluffling but the novelty has slightly worn off almost 3 weeks later, although she is eager to show everybody who comes to visit how it works and we like to play endurance games to see who can keep hold of it when it vibrates.

Jiggle and Dance Flufflings are not currently available to buy but will be in time for Christmas so please keep checking availability online and in store.

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