Imaginext Castle Review

Reviewed by Damian Johnson, WhenToysRuleTheWorld.

I liked castles when I was small. There’s something about hand-to-hand combat that guns and long-range attacks don’t have. I remember being in a shop once and seeing a plastic castle for sale. My dad refused to buy it, saying that he would make one for me instead when we got home.

15 years later my dad built a wooden castle. It may take him a while, but he gets round to things eventually.
My children don’t have to wait so long…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNhULG_au98]
This would be an excellent centre piece for a Christmas present. You could then convince Granny to buy the dragon to go with it and Uncle to buy the battering ram and… Well, this is all assuming the child likes knights and castles, King Arthur and Prince Valiant.And if they don’t, they really should.

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