Imaginative Toys for Kids

We all have a favourite childhood toy, one that we always remember for the fun that it provided us. But did you know that toys are also a key part of the development process in children? To celebrate these great toys, we’ve picked out a range of our favourite Toys R Us products to fuel your little one’s imagination.

Dressing up costumes & toysTrue Heroes Deluxe Knight Costume

Dressing up is a favourite pastime in the world of imagination that is childhood, so we’ve picked out some special fancy dress costumes and role play toys that your little one is sure to love.

Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Costumes (Twin Pack)

At Toys R Us we have a variety of great dressing up ideas in our Disney Frozen costumes range. Our favourite is this Anna and Else costume twin pack, perfect for recreating their favourite scenes or setting out on their own new adventures. These dresses are available for a variety of age groups and are loved by children everywhere.

True Heroes Deluxe Knight Costume

When the world needs saving, your little one can turn to the True Heroes range at Toys R Us. This Deluxe Knight Costume is a popular choice with kids, and has all they’ll need for battling villains and dragons. With a soft helmet, chain mail, chest plate, gauntlet, shield, sword and an axe, this knight certainly won’t be going into battle unprepared!

My First Hello Kitty Kitchen

As well as dressing up costumes, we have hundreds of great toys to supplement imaginative role play. A long-standing children’s favourite is the toy kitchen, and the My First Hello Kitty Kitchen is a popular choice. Decorated with eye-catching designs and featuring 15 play accessories including an opening oven door, a sink, and lots of storage space, this imaginative toy is a must-have for young Hello Kitty fans. Adult assembly is required, but is rewarded with hours of fun-filled play for your child.Bruin 3 in 1 Musical Set

Musical toys for kids

At Toys R Us we’re proud to nurture growing minds, and musical toys are a great way of developing a range of skills through imaginative play.

Bruin 3 in 1 Musical Set

The Bruin 3 in 1 Musical Set is a great starter kit for any young musician aged 18+ months. Including a drum, a xylophone, and a piano, this brightly coloured musical toy set will delight young children. With drum sticks and a xylophone mallet included – tethered to the instrument so they won’t get lost – these musical toys stimulate children’s senses without being too loud for parents!

VTech Dancing Monkey Piano

If an all-in-one musical toy is what you’re searching for, look no further than the VTech Dancing Monkey Piano. Featuring a keyboard, guitar, drum and microphone, the piano has 5 songs for your little one to sing and play along with. Encouraged by the playful dancing monkey, children are introduced to the alphabet, letters sounds and vocabulary, in addition to practising their musical skills.

Hello Kitty Electronic Hopscotch

Not every musical toy takes the form of an instrument – some are designed to keep children active through music! Hello Kitty Electronic Hopscotch can be played almost anywhere, and is a great way to help growing kids stay active. With two interactive game modes for entertainment, this musical toy is perfect for children aged 3 years and above.

Doll Houses, Soft Toys & Action Figures for Kids

Teddy bears and doll houses are among the most iconic children’s toys of all time, playing an important part in the development of our children.You & Me Happy Together Dolls House

You & Me Happy Together Dolls House

At Toys R Us we have a selection of doll houses, loved by children of all ages. One of our current favourite models is the You & Me Happy Together Dolls House, exclusive to Toys R Us. This 3-story doll house folds up to conserve space when storing, but is still large enough for 10 working rooms. Special buttons control features such as the doorbell and working lights, and there are also some secret hiding places that your kids will love finding.

Emotion Pets: Bruno the Bear

Soft toys make wonderful friends to young children, and can help their imaginations grow. Bruno the Bear from Emotion Pets is a popular choice here at Toys R Us, and is a great interactive companion. With unique facial expressions and a soft cuddly body, Bruno the Bear encourages children to cuddle and care for him. This imaginative soft toy also comes with a honey pot and stick for feeding time.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Action Figure

There’s not a lot like meeting one of their heroes to set a child’s imagination flowing, which is why action figures can make such fantastic toys. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Action figure is no exception. Suitable for children aged 4 years and above, the Leonardo action figure – along with his friends Raph, Mikey & Donnie – needs all the help he can get in the battle against evil!


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