How Well Do You Know Your Logos

Hello all, Claire here. Today I’m sharing our 5th review as part of the Toys R Us toyologists for the blue group.


Logo What Am I? is a great new board game that’s focus is on Brands and Logos.

This game features all the top brands and will test your knowledge at just how well you know them all.


The game is recommended for players 8+. Unless your child is a great reader I’d say this is about right.

We did have one or two difficulties as the children are dyslexic which meant on a few occasions they needed to opt for a different card from that of the one they had chosen due to them not being able to read it (just a handful of times, though enough to feel the need to mention it).

Logo What Am I, is a great family game that will encourage good interaction between players. In this game you either ‘guess it,’ ‘draw it,’ or ‘describe it!’ opponents must guess the Logo before the sand timer has ran out in order for the guesser and the describer to move up the board following a roll of the dice each.

My eldest Little man has Aspergers Syndrome which means he has difficulty with social communication and interaction skills. This makes Logo What Am I, a great game to better such skills while giving him confidence along the way!

The game did take some getting used too. Little man hates drawing and did get himself a little upset when landing on a draw it square. Nonetheless following some gentle encouragement he was well on his way.

Alice who is a huge ‘Monsters High’ and ‘Brats’ fan, sat patiently waiting to pull either of the two brands out from the cards… I wasn’t even sure if these brands had been included but didn’t want to check in case it deterred her from contributing.


If your child is on the autism spectrum I’d highly recommend Logo What Am I as it helps build upon so many of the difficulties our children experience. Drawing, expression and formulation of sentencing.

The game doesn’t take to long to play and is pretty good at holding a child’s attention.

If I had to pick a fault with the game it would be the Guess It part. The opponents must guess the picture on the card by asking questions. The person with the card can only answer ‘Yes’ ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ before the sand time has ran out. Judging we played the game correctly, this is pretty difficult to achieve as there are so many thousands of bands it could be! Consequently, we mainly failed to nail this part of the game.

Also it should be noted that the box states its for 2+ players, where’s the instructions state 3+. I think 3 is probably more accurate.

Overall I felt this to be a great game that the children have now played more than once. I liked that there is no trivia in this game, its just fun and actions all the way through.

The game is making its way to Toys R Us stores and will be available to buy shortly.

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