Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Stunt Park Review


In our house we are BIG Hot Wheels fan, I think we must have 200 cars or more. The boy has loved cars since he was a baby and Hot Wheels have always been great value. This new set has been described as the “Ultimate Hot Wheels track set” which allows you to loop, crash, jump and drift your cars.

The Total Control Racing set takes Hot Wheels to another level by adding technology.  The first challenge you will have is putting the thing together, lets just say it’s not particularly easy but you get there in the end and once it’s put together it’s pretty robust, as I’ve found with most Hot Wheels products to be honest. This could be quite a downside as the set is quite big when set up and you may want to put it away after use so putting it altogether could become a bit of a grind but it’s probably easier when you’ve done it a few times! You will need 4 x AA batteries for the remote.

My son LOVED this Hot Wheels set. It’s fast and furious – the cars really zip around that track whilst doing their stunts and he enjoyed the remote control aspect of it. It’s aimed at children 6+ but at 5 he was more than able to get to grips with it.  It definitely added a new dimension to his play and I think his friends will all be jealous of this set.

From what I can tell, I don’t think you can integrate the track with any other Hot Wheels track, which is a downside and to get more enjoyment  I think you’d need more cars (which you’d have to buy separately  the box only includes one which is a bit disappointing). My son found it frustrating he couldn’t use any of his existing cars with the set as he likes to try out his cars to see which runs best on the tracks – but then he doesn’t fully understand technology at his tender age.

In short, we thought that the Hot Wheels TCR Stunt Park, despite our few minor niggles, was fab and great value. I think it will get a lot of use in our house.

The Hot Wheels Total Control Racing Supercharged Stunt Park will be available from ToysRUs shortly.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M

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