Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

This year, Father’s Day falls on the 21st of June. If you haven’t yet bought a brilliant gift from the kids, why not have a crafty afternoon and make something special for him? Dad will love getting something personalised, and your little ones will have hours of fun putting together these brilliant homemade Father’s Day gifts.

Father’s Day cards

There’s something really special about receiving a homemade card, and your kids will be delighted as dad proudly displays it on the mantelpiece or his desk. We’ve put together some of our favourite homemade Father’s Day cards that are easy enough for kids of any age to make.

Father's Day Cards

Photo Credit: Carissa Rogers from Flickr

Dad will love these stylish cards, and your little ones will have lots of fun choosing out his favourite colours and patterns. All you need is:

– Hot glue gun

– Coloured paper in different shades and patterns

– Mini scoring board

– 1-inch circle punch

Then just follow the instructions and hey presto – a smart card that your kids will be proud of. Crayola paints

Little ones will love getting their fingers dirty when making these cute cards. You just need:

– Twine or rope

– Brown paint (these Crayola washable paints would be a great choice)

– Brown or black marker pen

– Glue

– White card

Easy and fun, there’s no reason to just make a card for dad – why not make one for grandfathers and uncles, too?

This is another cute card which will provide an afternoon of finger painting fun for your little one. All you need is a strong piece of white card, black marker and paint in purple and green. To make the grapes, your child should just dip their thumb into the purple paint and press it onto the card to create a bunch. Then, draw the stem with the green paint and write “Love you a bunch, Dad!” at the top of the card. Seriously adorable and yet super simple.

Father’s Day gift ideas

Everyone loves to get a personalised gift, and helping your little ones to craft a Father’s Day gift is a great way to spend a rainy morning or quiet afternoon. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Father’s Day gift ideas that both you and the kids will love putting together.

  • Rock paperweight

If dad works in an office, he’ll appreciate this little homemade gift to keep his files in order. Head out to the garden or local park with your little one to find a smooth, flat rock. When you get home, give it a good wash and let it dry. Then let your child go wild painting a masterpiece on the rock! They could even jazz it up with some glitter glue pens, sequins or stickers. Leave it somewhere safe to dry, and then present it to dad in a cute gift box.

  • Desk organiser

Father's Day - Crafts

This is another great gift for busy working dads. You’ll need:

– Three recycled cans or tins with the lids removed

– Metal paint

– Coloured rubber bands


– Two small binder clips

– Three tags

Find easy step-by-step instructions to help your little one create the desk organiser here.

  • Father’s Day gift basket

Find a nice, roomy wicker basket or a gift box in dad’s favourite colours. Then take your kids on a trip to pick out dad’s favourite treats to fill the basket with!

  • Father’s Day vouchers

Vouchers are always a fun gift idea. Help your little ones come up with a range of great deals for dads. Some ideas to get you started might be getting the car washed by the kids or breakfast in bed. Then write up the ideas on coloured paper and create a cover saying “Daddy’s Father’s Day Coupons” before punching holes in each sheet and threading them all together with coloured string. Et voila! An easy to make Father’s Day gift which dad can cash in at any time.

  • Hand decorated mugs
Father's Day - Cycling

Photo Credit: grrsh from Flickr

This is another simple but unique Father’s Day gift which allows your child’s imagination to run wild. All you need is a plain white or coloured mug and some coloured porcelain pens or paint, which you should easily be able to pick up in any craft shop. Let your child draw or paint their design on the mug – it’s easiest to create the outline first, and then fill it in. It should be dry after around 30 minutes, and ready to impress dad!

  • A day out with dad

If you’re not the crafty type, why not treat dad to a special day out? Get the kids to think of things dad would like to do on his big day, and then either surprise him with everything already planned or let him choose his favourite activity. You could go on a family bike ride along a local route (check out our kids’ bike guide for some tips on family friendly cycle routes) or if the weather’s nice, why not head to your local beach for a barbecue? We’re also big fans of a Sunday picnic, or you could organise a games day for the whole family in your back garden.

Father’s Day baking

If dad is a bit of a foodie, why not help your kids make an extra special treat this Father’s Day?

If dad is their number one hero, why not whip up these colourful medal cookies? The biscuit recipe is really easy to make, and your little ones will love decorating the cookies with colourful icing, edible glitter, icing pens and any other decorations you have to hand.

Decorated cupcakes are another winning recipe for a sweet Father’s Day treat that the whole family can enjoy – if dad decides to share, anyway! Just use a basic cupcake recipe, and let your kids decorate them as they please with icing, sprinkles and icing pens. You could even download these cute cake toppers to add an extra special touch.

Or why not treat dad to a special brunch? Whether he loves pancakes, is mad about eggs or thinks no meal is complete without bacon, he’ll love that his kids have made the effort to make him a tasty meal. You’ll need to help with the chopping and cooking, but these Father’s Day brunch recipes are easy enough for little ones to feel like they made them all by themselves.


Father's Day - Cupcakes

Photo Credit: Helga Weber from Flickr

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