Hexbug Scarab Review

My son attended The Gadget Show Live a few years ago and came home raving about these ‘fantastic little robot things’ he had seen. Back then, they were not yet available in the shops, but he was suitably impressed. He was delighted to receive a HexBug Scarab in our Toyologist box.

When it came to opening it, I was instructed to open it carefully because Tech Boy was keen to keep the packaging. It is simple to operate; just turn it on and let it run. My goodness, it runs! The batteries were already installed, which with impatient children, is always a bonus.  I have to say I found it rather creepy, not being a huge fan of bugs, but I had to admire the design and speed at which it went. Apparently, it has 16 gears and a motor to make the legs move back and forth 1,200 times a minute.


The HexBug Scarab runs around at speed, turning itself when it meets an obsticle. I tried it out on a few different floor surfaces, and it coped well with all of them. The robotic bug also has the ability to flip itself back onto its feet if it ends up on it’s back. It has to be seen to be believed:


This toy is intriguing. Just picking it up, turning it on and holding it, whilst watching its little legs wiggle furiously is fascinating. Despite the intricate design, the Hexbug Scarab is well made and incredibly strong. The potential for different games is vast. Tracks and mazes could easily be constructed out of Lego or even cardboard boxes. Tech Boy and Belle were coming up with all sorts of evil plans for misuse, including placing it in the teacher’s draw whilst it was on. Despite being made of plastic and bright orange, I think it may well have been realistic enough to ensure she had a heart attack. I actually quite like Belle’s teacher, so won’t be advocating that idea!

I really like the Hexbug Scarab, as do my children. It is not cheap, but actually, I think it is well worth the money. The quality and engineering are outstanding and I know I will find myself demonstrating its capabilities to my friends. So, although I would happily say I’d recommend it for children aged 8 and above, I actually think I’d recommend it as a novelty gift for a grown-up as well. Possibly not for those with severe bug phobias, unless of course you are feeling a little mean…

The HexBug Scarab is available from Toys R Us currently priced at £16.99

Review by Bizzy Mum aka Domestic Disgrace


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