Hello Kitty Vanity Case

I’m not sure if mentioned it but Scarlett LOVES Hello Kitty. Everything she wants is Hello Kitty so imagine how excited she was to receive the Hello Kitty Vanity Case!

The case is really well made and there’s not your bog standard few bits of make up in there – it has lights (which require batteries that aren’t included)! Lots of lovely lights! There’s your usual lipstick and eyeshadow pallettes as well as hair bobbles and clips, nail varnish and toe separators as well as some twirly sparkling roll on body glitters which were a big hit. Not forgetting a comb, nail files and make up brushes.

You’ll have to do with a stock photo as ours is now well used/mucky and gouged out in places!

Hello Kitty Vanity Case

My only complaint with this product is that the bits are neigh on IMPOSSIBLE to get out without putting your hand behind the casing and popping it out from the other side. Even I have struggled to get some bits out but once they have been taken in and out a few times they do loosen up.

This lovely product is currently on sale at ToysRUs for £19.99 instead of £29.99 so hot foot it down there and grab a bargain that all beauty mad girls are sure to love.

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