Hello Kitty Tri Skate Review

What you need for roller fun…

A sense of adventure, no fear, and a need for speed…

Check!! My daughter always wants to go on every ride at the fair, and is the child in the supermarket shouting “faster mummy, faster” while I puff round with the trolley. These skates are perfect for her.


Just a little bit of balance…

We are slightly lacking in this department – one of my little ones favourite games being ‘let’s fall over’. So naturally I had to wonder if the skates are the best idea?! They are! You do only need a little balance as they are really very sturdy and balanced themselves. These Tri-Skates are recommended for ages 3+ so I guess you’ll know when your little one is ready for them, we are holding hands at the moment but still having lots of fun.


3 wheels!

Tri-Skates as you might have guessed have 3 wheels but they look like your modern day inline skates. I had never seen nor heard of them before but they are very, very cool!!! I had no idea you could get such great looking skates for this age group. They absolutely look the real deal. They work a bit like stabilisers, as your child gets used to the skating you can transform them into inline skates which is a great idea.

My daughter has lots of older cousins she looks up to so these are perfect for making her feel like she has the real deal and is rolling with the big girls! They are comfy, easily adjustable, sturdy and look really good.

Disco wheels!

I still remember my first pair of roller skates (blue velvet with a rainbow on the side), hopefully these will be ones to remember too. They are for sizes 5-8 which is quite a good range but a bit of a shame for us as, at just approaching 3 years, my daughter is already a size 8 (taking after her mummy) so they may not last her as long as I would have hoped. I don’t think there are any other size option but they fit really well now and she will enjoy them while it lasts!

You can transform the wheels to create 2 wheeled inline skates!

They make such a great, special Christmas gift – I love Christmas pressies that mean you all get to play together and try something new. These are perfect for the holiday season and these zoom into the fun present category. I think this winter we are going to be out on the street, finding our wheels and having lots of fun!

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