Hello Kitty Sweet Treats Food Bar Review

They say it’s the simplest of ideas that make you rich. If someone had told me 30 years ago a simple drawing of a mouth-less cat would be created into a billion dollar empire, I would never have believed them. However three daughters later and I confess to spending a small fortune on Hello Kitty branded products. Even my cat hating 3-year-old loves Hello Kitty. I’d attribute this to the absence of a mouth and set of claws. Its’ unlikely Hello Kitty would ever, scratch, snarl or turn into Angry Kitty.

It’s no surprise that when Toys r Us sent us not just one but two Hello Kitty Toys, our three-year old almost exploded with excitement. The first product we reviewed was the Hello Kitty Sweet Bar – a small cake shop, complete with miniature cakes and treats. The food bar itself comes in three parts which slot together easily to create a mini shop display. A set of Hello Kitty stickers enable you to ‘brand’ up the product further and a selection of pretend cakes, sweets, ice creams, serving tools and boxes complete the set. Tot enjoyed putting everything together ready for a grand opening and particularly liked adding the stickers.

My daughter loves imaginative play and really enjoyed playing shop owner and chef. We did find that after a few cakes had been served and we’d chewed on a plastic donut or two, Tots interest began to wonder. It’s like any toy of this nature, on its own it has a limited playability and requires some imagination. However combine it with other toys, i.e a cash register, a shopping trolley and a play kitchen and you soon have the makings of a Mini Waitrose. In fact the real fun started when, teen came along and introduced ‘real’ sweets into the mix. This also, meant real cash transactions and I soon found myself three quid lighter, but the girls seemed to have lots of fun, so all good.

If I were to make some recommendations, the serving boxes are a little small and resemble something you’d receive noodles in as oppose to ice cream. However, as explained to Tot, Kitty is from Japan and that’s how the roll….

Overall, the product is fun, girly and certainly a hit with our Hello Kitty loving daughter. Tots friends also made a bee-line for this toy when they visited, so I suspect any Kitty loving child would be delighted to receive this as a gift.

The Hello Kitty Sweet Treats Food Bar is available in store and online at Toys R Us.

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