Hello Kitty Sweet Treats Food Bar Review

Reviewed by Chloe Witters.

I have to say that my first reaction when I saw the Hello Kitty Sweet Treats Food Bar was pure fear. We are at a stage with two year old Arlo where 90% of tantrums start as a result of not being allowed a treat whenever he asks, or being denied more treats when he finishes the one he was given. So, I was worried that a pretend sweet shop with all sorts of different fake treats would be a recipe for disaster (pun intended).

We got it out of the box and I began putting it together (this toy involves a bit of construction and a lot of stickers that need to be placed on the various parts of the sweet shop). I held my breath as he immediately found the pretend chocolate bar and put it to his mouth….. and everything was fine. He accepted straight away that these are ‘pretend’ sweets, and it didn’t make him start screaming down the house for a real treat. Phew!

Arlo has enjoyed taking our orders and putting our sweets into the little take-away boxes supplied with the sweet shop. He’s taken very well to the role play aspect and asks “A bit of sugar?” before shaking the pretend sugar dispenser over an order of donuts. The sweet stand would work nicely in conjunction with a toy kitchen, and is a toy that definitely has more possibilities for play as Arlo gets older.

It would be nice if the stand was supplied with a lid to keep all the little sweets in place when the toy is not in use, or even a small container to pack away all the sweets and keep them in one place – as it is, it’s a toy that has to be always out, which is not only inconvenient but also means that half of the sweets will have been misplaced within a week of opening this toy.

I wouldn’t recommend the Hello Kitty Sweet Treats Food Bar as a ‘must-have’ toddler toy, but it’s definitely proved a welcome source of entertainment in this house. Available at Toys R Us, priced £24.99

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