Hello Kitty Pretty Kitty Pushchair Review

Hello Kitty – Less threatening than your average cat…

We’re a bit Hello Kitty crazy in our house and the Hello Kitty Pushchair was a welcomed addition to the ever growing collection of branded goods. Though our three year’ old has an aversion to cats, Hello Kitty is an exception. Perhaps its’ Kitty’s pretty pink bow or maybe her the cute round cheeks and lack of mouth, either way Miss Kitty is less threatening than your average cat.

When the box arrived from Toys r us, our 3 year old caught sight of half an inch of cerise pink packaging showing though a small gap in the box. Immediately she began jumping up and down shrieking Hello Kitty, Hello kitty! Tots superfast brand knowledge was impressive though a little worrying?…

The Hello Kitty pushchair is certainly an upgrade to our daughters’ current model. It has a hood, a handle bar and a shopping basket that even I’m envious of. It also reclines backwards, a feature that mimics a real pushchair and therefore instantly excited Tot as she set about playing mummy with her favourite toy rabbit. Immediately she wanted to test drive her new toy, so we took rabbit out for spin in Tots new set of wheels. The pushchair is light to push and Tot could easily manoeuvre providing she was looking directly ahead. We did veer off the pavement a couple of times and trying to navigate the swivel wheels over cobbles was a challenge, but the pushchair fared well during our trip into town. In hindsight the pushchair is better suited to indoor use or very short walks, as the plastic wheels did get a little scratched during outdoor use. Overall it performed well during our first test drive and Tot was both happy and proud with her new set of wheels.

It folds down easily for convenient storage and is light weight enough to carry should your little one tire of pushing when out and about. The vibrant pink colour and floral pattern is synonymous with Hello Kitty and perfect for a little girl.

Our daughter loves this pushchair and has played with it almost every day. It’s quite sturdy for a toy pushchair and can hold several toys at once, which is helpful as Tot alternates between her favourite dolls and teddies.

Priced at £39.99 this is almost a third of the cost of my real pushchair and perhaps a little pricey by comparison, however it has been played with a great deal and our daughter loves it! Hello Kitty Pretty Pushchair is available instore and online at Toys R Us.

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