Hello Kitty Inline Scooter Cycle Helmet Review

As part of the Toyologist programme Maisie has been sent a Hello Kitty Black In-line Scooter & Hello Kitty Black Cycle Helmet to review. I really don’t think they could have found better products for Maisie to try because 1, she LOVES Hello Kitty and 2, her scooter broke just days before!

Hello Kitty Scooter

Maisie is thrilled with her new scooter and has been busy bombing around everywhere on it. Her old scooter was very similar but had two wheels at the back and one at the front so she was a bit unsure at first as this one only has two but it didn’t take her long to get used to it. As you can see on the handles in the photo above Maxwell decided to take a bite out of the foam; he did this the day she got it and Maisie was distraught! Please be aware they are not toddler with teeth proof 😉

Gorgeous Hello Kitty Design

One thing I’m not too happy with is that the stickers are bubbled and peeling already. As you can see in the photos below the Hello Kitty design where the feet go is bubbling and the stickers around the folding mechanism are peeling.

Sticker Bubbling

Sticker peeling

It has height adjustable handles so that it can grow with your little one. Maisie is big for a five year old, I usually buy her clothes for an 8 year old and she is only on the second notch so she still has growing room with the scooter which is great!

Folds up nicely.

The scooter also folds flat which is great as I always stick it on the buggy when I go to fetch her from school so that she can ride it home.

The scooter is currently half price on the Toysrus website for just £14.99 – I would definitely pay this and even at full price it is a great purchase!

The recommended age is 5+ but minimum age is 3 years and maximum weight 50kg

Maisie in her Hello Kitty Helmet

Maisie loves having a helmet the matches her scooter… although she is now after a bike to match them both lol! The helmet is a good fit and seems pretty sturdy! I think at £16.99 it is good value for money! Obviously I cannot vouch for how safe it is as with all safety gear you never know that until they are in an accident or something. I found the straps easy to adjust and Maisie found it very comfortable to wear 🙂

One thing I will say about the helmet is that Toys R Us states that it is 52-56cm but the label states 50-54cm.

Hello Kitty Helmet

Maisie with her Hello Kitty Scooter & Helmet!

Both of these items can be bought at ToysRus.co.uk

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