Hello Baba Blue Review

Reviewers: Mummy, Daddy, Joshua (19 months) and Rabbysnuggles

Dear Geoffrey

I’ve been telling mummy for a while now that I’m too old for teddy bears so thank you for sending me Baba blue. He’s really chatty and says things that make me laugh when I press his tummy. Mummy makes me laugh when she presses my tummy so it’s good that we are the same.

Joshua and Baba Blue

Joshua and Baba Blue

I like to show people Baba Blue. We make him talk and then he says bye and then I play with my cars. I make my own ne nah noises when I’m playing with my cars and trains. They are my most favourite things.

Lots of Love

Joshua xxxx

Hello all

I know it sounds a bit sexist, but when Cloudbabies Baba Blue arrived in the last toy box our immediate thought was ‘a doll, Joshua won’t like that.’ Joshua has proved us wrong and taken a fair bit of interest in the toy.

Baba Blue is essentially a soft toy, with a hard head. When you push his tummy he talks.  He is a character from Cloudbabies, which is on Cbeebies.

Baba Blue

Baba Blue

Joshua seems quite taken with the fact that he speaks but it doesn’t hold his attention for long. He will bring him over to us and together we spend a couple of minutes chatting and pressing Baba Blues tummy. Joshua makes sure he’s in safe hands before going off to play with some of his other toys.

Baba Blue has about 7 set phrases. I can see that these could be quite irritating if he’s constantly being pressed but luckily we don’t have this issue given the short attention Joshua gives to the toy.

Joshua doesn’t watch TV yet, but when he does we think he will like Cloudbabies, and at that point take more of an interest in this toy.


Pros: Colourful, interactive

Cons: Need to watch Cartoon

Describe yourself: First time parent, Working parent, Toyologist

Recommend to a friend: Maybe

Recommended age range:  2 years plus

Batteries: Required not included

Un-prompted interest from Joshua’s friend: Ok


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