Harumika Bridal Collection Review

Last year, my daughter asked for the Harumika Bridal Collection, but for some reason Father Christmas forgot. I suspect he was simply overwhelmed by his work load. Belle was, therefore, delighted to see one in our Toyologist box and invited a friend round to share in the excitement of opening it.

There was everything needed inside the box to start creating beautiful bridal and bridesmaid dresses straight away: fabric, 2 models (ideal for when friends are around!) accessories, necessary tools and a fold out dressing room.

We already have a basic Harumika kit so Belle was familiar with how it works. There is no cutting, glueing or sewing involved. Some clever person came up with a simple, yet highly effective idea. Wrap your chosen fabric around however you like, and then using the special little tool, simply tuck it into the back of the model, and it says put. It’s also easy to accessorize with the belts and gems supplied. The girls spent absolutely ages trying out different combinations. Although we haven’t tried it yet, completed designs can be showcased on the Harumika website.

Later in the evening, when I went to tuck Belle into bed, I found her asleep, surrounded by the contents of the Harumika kit! The little monkey couldn’t resist a final play before bed.

I am very impressed with this kit, and rate Harumika highly in general. A friend kindly gave us a bag of fabric off-cuts last year so that Belle could try many different combinations. Because it is so simple and quick to create the designs, the girls didn’t get bored. Another bonus to this kit is that everything is reusable, so play can resume at any time. I would recommend being particularly careful when removing the fabric from the box though, as it can pull if you rush.

I’m certainly going to be asking Father Christmas to bring a few more Harumika kits to our house this year. My daughter loved the Bridal collection and has gone back to play with it quite a few times in the last week. Creative, reusable and easy-to-use, this would be an excellent Christmas present choice for any girl aged six and above.

The Harumika Bridal Collection is available from Toys R Us for £39.99

Review by Bizzy Mum aka Domestic Disgrace

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