Harumika Bridal Collection Review

Harumika Bridal Collection

 A quick and simple way for creative girls to style their imagination.

Product Overview

  • Summary: Harumika Bridal Collection
  • Format: Fashion Design Kit
  • Features: No sewing, glue, or scissors required.
  • ONLY available at: Toys R Us UK
  • Price: £39.99


  • 2 dress forms
  • stylus tools
  • exclusive floral base stand
  • 12 chic formal length fabrics


As budding fashion designers, the girls have had Harumika sets before, and were delighted to receive this exclusive Bridal Collection set, which is only available at Toys R Us.

Removing all the bits and pieces from the packaging was the most difficult element of this toy.  It took quite a while to remove all the plastic tags, wires and elastic bands.  Unfortunately the clear elastic bands that held some of the products to the cardboard packaging were similar to one of the actual products (a pretty corsage), and I accidentally cut through it!

On a plus side, the internal packaging folds out into a mirrored dressing room.

Thankfully, there was a mannequin and stylus each, which meant that Sophie and Rachel could both create fashionable outfits.  The girls really enjoyed selecting the right fabrics and enhancements.  There was plenty of fabric to choose from, but not a huge amount of embellishments.

Assembling the outfits is easy, as there is no cutting, sewing or gluing required.  You simply use the stylus to tuck the fabric into the mannequin.

In no time at all the girls created these beautiful outfits.

Who This Product is Suitable For?

This product is recommended for children over six years old.  It will appeal to girls who are interested in fashion, like my aspiring fashion designers.

Overall Thoughts:

  • Sophie: The Harumika Bridal Collection was really fun for me and Rachel because we like doing fashion things like that!
  • Rachel: I like that you can reuse it again and again and again.  I don’t like that there isn’t a lot of stickers and gems.
  • MuMMy: Apart from our issues with the packaging, this toy was a great success.  I know that the girls will get many more hours of fun from this toy.

We awarded the Harumika Bridal Collection four stars.

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