Half Term Activities For Kids

Keeping your kids entertained during February half term can be difficult, with rubbish weather and a tight post-Christmas budget. But, we’ve rounded up some great half term activities you can do with your kids for next to nothing, both indoors and out.

Family outdoor walk

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Indoor Half Term Activities

Jigsaws & Puzzles

A classic option, jigsaws can keep the family amused for hours on end. Perfect for a rainy day, jigsaws come in all shapes, sizes and difficulties. Choose your kids’ favourite characters, whether it be from Star Wars, Despicable Me or Disney, and help them build the scene. Jigsaws are a great half term activity because you can come back to them again and again throughout the break. They also help to build your child’s problem solving skills, starting from a young age with less advanced puzzles for tots.

Kids' jigsaw

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Board Games

Much like jigsaws, board games are one of the best half term activities to whittle away the hours. Opt for a classic, like Operation, Guess Who or Twister, or try something new to pass the time. There’s even modern twists on old favourites, like this Disney Frozen Pop Up Olaf, which is a new take on Pop Up Pirate. Gather the whole family and let your little one’s imagination run wild, as they discover their new favourite board game.

Family playing Monopoly

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Arts & Crafts

There’s loads of arts and crafts activities you do can with your kids this half term. Try your hand at painting using good old coloured pencils, crayons and paintbrushes or get messy with some finger paints. Get creative with some BLO pens and make amazing pictures to show off. You could also try some modelling with some old-fashioned Play-Doh or experiment with some sand, from classic to kinetic.

Coloured pencils

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Outdoors Half Term Activities

Welly Walk

Embrace the rain this half term and go on an exciting welly walk! Wrap up warm and head to your local park or forest for the best rainy terrain. Splish splash in puddles, search for little animals or find the best nook to shelter in. There’s plenty of trails to be found around the country, including ones organised by the National Trust.

Kids welly boots

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Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a brilliant half term idea for your little ones and their friends. Get creative and organise your own quest, hiding clues in different locations to get to the prize. For younger children, arrange a hunt in your back garden – why not get the neighbours involved if they have kids, too? For older kids, be a bit more adventurous and host a treasure hunt in the park. If you’d rather join in the fun than create your own event, there’s loads of organised quests you can attend this February half term, like this adorable Corgi Treasure Hunt in Edinburgh.

Playing outdoors

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Chalk Games

Don’t let the cold keep you inside this half term. Turn your garden slabs into a giant canvas and let your little ones run wild with chalk. Draw massive pictures with lots of different colours or play some games. Why not draw a huge board game, like snakes and ladders, or opt for a classic hopscotch course? Don’t worry if it rains, you can watch your pictures become a rainbow before your eyes!


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Kids' chalk games

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