Gyro Botz Deluxe Battle Arena Review

The Gyro-Botz Deluxe Battle Arena was sent for Maisie to play with as part of the Toys R us toyologist programme – those of you that know Maisie will chuckle as she is quite well known for being VERY girlie! 😉 I personally had never heard of this toy before and quite frankly find it pointless! It is described as ” The Gyro-Botz Deluxe Battle Arena” so I thought there might be something a bit special about this game but sadly I couldn’t find anything! The deluxe battle arena is made from cheap blue plastic which will break very easily… it won’t withstand any heavy weight so you must be careful if it is out on the floor not to accidentally tread on it or place any heavy objects on it!


So… from what I can gather by the little diagrams on the back of the box the aim of the game is to –

  1. Take 1 Gyro-bot each
  2. Pull the ripcord
  3. Place on the arena ramp and let battle commence…
  4. The Gyro-bot that is the last to stop is the winner?

Exciting stuff… No?

Instructions on the box.

There are a couple of other tricks that Gyro-botz can do… We can’t seem to make them bounce from hand to hand though! Maybe it’s because we are girls that we aren’t all that keen on this! I will say Maisie did enjoy playing with it for about ten minutes before she realised it didn’t do anything else! This isn’t something we will be putting on our Christmas list this year.

The Gyro-Botz Deluxe Battle Arena will be available to buy from Toys R Us in time for Christmas.

Review by This Mummy Loves…

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