Gyro Botz Deluxe Arena Review

I had no clue what Gyro-Botz was before I received this product to review so was quite intrigued.  Apparently Gyro-Botz are zero gravity warriers that bounce, spin and battle against each other in a bid to be the champion. You “rip” your Gyro-Botz and either place them directly into the arena or watch them enter the arena using the special ramps.

The first thing I am going to say is that I’m not entirely sure where the “deluxe” element of the arena was. The arena is made of blue, plastic which doesn’t feel particularly durable and therefore it doesn’t seem to be what I would call “deluxe” at all. Secondly, I just didn’t get this product.  Clearly I am not a 6 year old boy so perhaps I was never intended to “get” it but it was all a bit lost on me.

My son enjoyed looking and playing with the Gyro-Botz and Mr M was quite impressed with how they worked but aside from that we were all a bit non-plussed by it. Or maybe we were doing it wrong?

Either way, none of us were that impressed with it and felt it didn’t really live up to the expectations. It doesn’t seem to me like something that would get a lot of use after the initial excitement has worn off as there was nothing there really to hold my sons attention.   Maybe it would be suited to slightly older children that are better than “ripping” than we are!  Apparently there are lots of other Gyro-Botz figures to collect and I think it would certainly help enjoyment if you were an avid collector.

The Gyro-Botz Deluxe Battle Arena costs £19.99 and will be available from Toys R Us shortly.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M

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