Get Crunching with Chameleon Crunch

Reviewers: Mummy, Daddy, Rabbysnuggles and Joshua (18 months)

Dear Geoffrey

We have a new pet Chameleon called Crunch.  He is blue and he scuttles along the floor looking for bugs.  Mummy and Daddy give me bugs to feed him, but they don’t like me to eat them.  I like eating lots Geoffrey,  Mummy says it is my favourite pastime.  Crunch is a bit silly really as he runs head first into the furniture mostly.  Maybe he thinks the bugs are under the furniture.  Mummy says they aren’t as our house is a clean house thank you very much.

Joshua chases Crunch

Joshua chases Crunch

Anyway, I like Crunch,  he is funny.  I’m going now Geoffrey as I am very busy with all my toys.

Lots of Love

Joshua xxxx

Hello all

Mattel’s Chameleon Crunch Game revolves around a plastic Chameleon (we have nicknamed him ‘Crunch’) who trundles along the floor hunting for bugs.  The idea of the game is for 1 of up to 4 players to get as many of their bugs into his mouth as possible.

Crunch is quite noisy, for a start he talks!  “I’m hungry” and “Yummy” can be heard alongside the loud whir of his battery operated motor.  Although the motor noise doesn’t sound very Chameleon like, it attracts Joshua’s attention!

Chameleon Crunch

Chameleon Crunch

Crunch struggles with straight lines, veering to the left most of the time.  So unless you have a very large house you will be continually picking him up and sending him on his way again, unobstructed.  We think this might make it difficult for most households to play the game, as having a small floor space to play the game on will be restrictive.

Joshua is too young to play with Crunch as intended, but he is quite interested in him as a walking talking crunching Chameleon.

At £14.99 Chameleon Crunch Game is priced quite keenly, but as a game it feels quite limited.


Pros: Easy to operate

Cons: Limited play value

Describe yourself: First time parent, Working parent, Toyologist

Recommend to a friend: No

Recommended age range:  4+

Batteries: Not included (boo hiss!)

Un-prompted interest from Joshua: Some!


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