Furreal Bounce Around Puppy Review

We are a cat household, in fact we are a 5 cat household – but that’s a long story – but of course with so many cats around Elliott has always been obsessed with dogs! We have nothing against dogs and one day we would love to get Elliott and Sam their own but all while we have 5 cats, a regular income and a small house there just isn’t room for a dog in our family – that was until “Lady” came along.

When I read the description and saw the photo of the FurReal Bounce Around Puppy I have to be honest I thought it looked like an annoying hideous girls toy and I was not looking forward to it arriving but arrive she did and she was met with more excitement from the boys than I have EVER seen. They were so ridiculously excited thar they were climbing all over me to get at her and were so impatient while I tried to wrestle her out of her box – so much so that Steve decided to film the pair of them because we couldnt believe their reaction to it — I should point out that Sam IS wearing a pair of pull ups over his PJ’s; I’m not sure why he decided to so this but it was an improvement on earlier on in the evening when he was walking around with them on his head! Oh and I look a mess, clearly I was going for the Waynetta Slob look that day!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X-i_R49nyU]

She was quickly named Lady by Elliott, after Lady and the Tramp, which is one of his favorite films – his originally suggestion of “Doggy” luckily was ditched by him quite quickly and the boys set about investigating what she does.

As a kid i had always wanted one of those annoying yappy dog toys that would yap and do back flips and if I was going to boil her down I would have to say that “Lady” is a sophisticated modern version of that. She has a motion sensor that triggers her to bark and jump around in a circle excitedly. She also has a “button” on her back and on the top of her head which means that when she is stroked or patted she makes whimpering noises – I think they are supposed to be happy noises.

I though that Elliott would get bored with Lady very quickly but the morning after he opened her box he came running down the stairs to play with her. The first thing he did that morning was make her “breakfast” – as we didn’t have dog food I got him to knock something up  in his play kitchen. He then decided that Lady wanted a milkshake – to be honest I thought he was being manipulative to get a milkshake for himself but I made one anyway, put it in his cup and he did actually give it to Lady!

This is where we came up against that Qage-old problem, “Lady” got chocolate milkshake on her mouth when Elliott was “feeding” it to her and of course she is a light colour and not washable. To be fair I can’t see how you could make the Bounce Around Puppy washable but she is going to get grubby and dirty over time. The chocolate milkshake was wiped away quickly enough for it to not have left a stain.

I always say that the test of a toy is not how kids like it on the first day and we have now had the Bounce Around Puppy for a month. She isn’t played with as she was in the first couple of days but she is well-loved by both of the children. Sam likes to pick her up and can often be found having a chat with her, it’s very cute. Elliott treats her like a reliable friend. Her yapping and jumping isn’t actually irritating because it isnt constant and so we rarely turn her off because actually seeing her jump about and yap every now and then when we catch her sensor is actually quite nice and I have even caught myself saying “good morning Lady on more than one occasion!

I originally thought she was a girls toy but actually although she is styled in such a way that she will probably be more pleasing to the eye of a girl than a boy she doesn’t actually stand out amongst the boys cars and trains she just looks like a girl dog – and in our house I will always welcome all females, even robotic ones!

When i asked Elliott about Bounce Around Puppy he said “I love her, it my best friend”

For the price she works out a lot cheaper than the real thing and I am sure there are plenty of children that would love her to be their “best friend” too.

A BIG plus for parents is that Lady actually COMES WITH BATTERIES! An increasing rarity these days it would seem so come Christmas morning this toy is ready and raring to go. I think 4 years is about the right age for this toy, I think the older the child the more they are going to need the toy to “do” in order to keep them satisfied.

Although Elliott can’t throw a stick for his Bounce Around Puppy or take it for a walk for now I think he is satisfied with his canine substitute.

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