French Knitter Review

French Knitter Review

A traditional toy for creative children that baffled my entire family!

Product Overview:

This traditional toy claims to have everything you need to create a necklace, butterfly hair band, 4 bracelets and a flower brooch.


  • Wooden French knitter
  • Wooden pin
  • 6 x 10m wool
  • 18 wooden beads
  • Badge pin
  • Bodkin
  • Guide


When I spotted this toy in our Toys R Us Toyologist bundle, I decided it would be best for the girls to take it along to Granny’s.  I’ve never been good at knitting or sewing, unlike Granny, who used to run her own business making school jumpers and cardigans, as well as baby knitwear.

You are supposed to be able to simply make a length of knitted tube, thread on the wooden beads and stitch together.

Unfortunately, the instructions were baffling, not just to my eight-year-old twins, but also to their Granny (knitted all her days), Uncle Andy (a Technical Studies Teacher) and Auntie Lainey (Principal Teacher of Home Economics).

The girls’ other set of grandparents, Nana & Papa, were also keen to give this toy a try, as they remembered playing with something similar as children (many moons ago!)  They had a little more success than the rest of the family.  However, admittedly, this was only when they decided to disregard the baffling instructions and tried to work from memory!  Nevertheless, they found it extremely fiddly and time-consuming and were unable to finish a project.

Who This Product is Suitable For

The manufacturers, Galt, are marketing this product to children aged six and over.  However, my eight year old twin girls struggled with this, and their Aunt, Uncle and both sets of grandparents did too!

Overall Thoughts

The entire Kerr Klan thought this toy was rubbish and we would not recommend it to anyone.  Thumbs down all round and no stars, I’m afraid.

  • Summary: French Knitter
  • Format: Traditional wooden toy
  • Seller: Toys R Us UK
  • Price: £6.99

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